Factoring Broker Commissions

Commissions: How Factoring Consultants Get Paid

Factoring Broker Commissions So you’re exploring a career as a freelance factoring broker / consultant and you now want to learn more about commissions and income earnings potential.  Well, here it is..the good part….the MONEY!  All about Factoring […]

Reverse Factoring
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Understanding Reverse Factoring

In a typical factoring arrangement, it is the provider of services or goods that will be the party that contacts and reaches out to a factor to purchase it’s invoices.   In factoring terminology, that is […]

Personal Development

Go Solo or Partner? What’s Right for You?

Most new factoring brokers and business finance consultants start their new ventures solo, managing all various tasks of setting up, launching, and operating their new enterprise by themselves.  For most, this is usually a 180 […]