Launch Your Business Today With the Help of IACFB

IACFB (the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) provides the factoring industry’s most affordable entry level training.  While there are several training schools which provide excellent hands-on training to prospective brokers, such schools tend to be expensive (as much as $65,000) and beyond the budget of most candidates.  For most mobile creatives and entrepreneurial self-starters, IACFB training is the perfect place to start and to learn the industry with it’s many facets.

Exploring the Industry: IACFB provides…

For those exploring the possibilities of a career as a freelance industry broker / consultant, IACFB provides the following…

  • Factoring 101…A Broker’s Guide:  A highly-rated comprehensive training guide for those new to the industry.  (Available at
  • The Learning Lab:  The online IACFB Learning Lab accompanies and supports the material found in the training guide.  It includes additional tips on industry entry, an article archive, an archive of past lender presentations, and much more.
  • The Lenders Directory:  The Directory of American Factors and Lenders.  A subscription add-on for purchasers of the Factoring 101 Program which includes over 500 broker-friendly factors and lenders in the asset-based finance community.
  • The Factoring Broker Forums:  An easy to use Xenforo Forum where IACFB members and guests can ask questions of lenders, other IACFB members, and IACFB staff. (
  • Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine:  The IACFB’s online magazine with dozens of informative articles to assist those new to the industry in entering the “right way”.

Available and Affordable Broker Programs

Factoring Broker Training has historically been VERY expensive with programs costing as much as $60,000.  That has all changed with the establishment of IACFB and its comprehensive broker startup programs for “self starters” and mobile creatives.

There are two defined very affordable programs available at IACFB for new industry entrants:

  • Referrers Program:  This is IACFB’s basic startup with program and is especially oriented towards “part-timers”.  It centers upon the IACFB’s training guide:  The Factoring 101 Brokers Guide to Factoring along with a freelance broker website which is optional but recommended.  IACFB staff provides additional assistance and your startup documents (Client Applications and IACFB Broker’s Agreement) can be downloaded at
  • Factoring 101 Freelance:  The ultimate program for new “career oriented” industry entrants that features your choice of professionally broker websites along with optional “Business-in-a-Box ANNEX access and much more.  Includes everything you need to launch a successful business as an independent freelance factoring consultant.  (See more on Business-in-a-Box below)

Business-in-a-Box at the ANNEX:  For Those Ready to Launch Their Full Time Business

For those that have determined a career as a freelance factoring broker / commercial finance consultant is right for them, IACFB provides Business-in-a-Box for just $249.95.  Business-in-a-Box is provided through the IACFB Campus ANNEX (Marketing Support Area) and includes…

  • Broker Website:  A professionally designed factoring broker website (view samples here) complete with built-in offers and Video Salesperson for lead generation
  • Hosting:  Monthly, Annual, Biennial, or Triennial Monthly Hosting with FREE domain options
  • WordPress Blog:  An optional WordPress blog installation for all Factoring 101 websites.  One of the most powerful marketing tools available to brokers in today’s social media focused marketplace.
  • Business-in-a-Box:  Subscription and an “add-on” when purchasing any Factoring 101 website through IACFB.
    • Brochures:  4 attractive 3-panel brochures
    • Flyers:  6 single page flyers
    • Mail Stuffers / Postcards:  20 Powerful mail stuffers which can also be used as postcards.
    • Cover Letters:  Sample cover letters for every occasion
    • Cold Call / Follow up Scripts:  Cold call and follow up scripts to enhance your direct marketing efforts
    • Sales Stories:  One of your most critical marketing tools, three excellent samples to help you construct your sales story
    • Case Studies:  Examples of how factoring works for many small businesses
  • Marketing Campaign Instruction:  Complete step-by-step instruction on how to create lead-generation campaigns
  • Pipedrive Setup Instructions:  How we setup and modify the Pipedrive System to make it the perfect CRM for factoring brokers.
  • Much More

Purchase Factoring 101 Now!

If you feel becoming a freelance factoring broker is a perfect career path for you and are ready to launch your career as a high-profile industry consultant, IACFB can help with our popular Program Factoring 101 Program.   Additionally, if you have not already done so, select the add-on of our 5-star rated, 200 page training guide with FREE shipping in the continental U.S.  Purchase Factoring 101 Now!