Congratulations and Welcome to DataMax and the Discount Note / Cash Flow Industry.

Your website is now up and operational and here are a few things you should know:

  • VIEWING YOUR SITE:  To view your site for the first few weeks, you will need to type the domain in your browser’s “ADDRESS BAR and not the SEARCH BAR.  It typically takes Google a few weeks to crawl and index your website and until it does, it will not show up in searches.  To view your site now, simply type into your browser’s ADDRESS BAR where “” is your actual domain address.
  • YOUR DOMAIN’S DNS:  If you purchased your domain through DMS WebHost, your site will now be visible on the web.  If you purchased your domain from another provider, you will need to “point” that domain’s DNS (Domain Name Servers) to our DNS.  Log into your control panel at your domain host and point your domain to:
  • BUSINESS EMAIL:  If you opted for a business email box provided by DataMax, it will already be set up for you.  To access your email and login, you go to  where “” is your actual domain.  Your initial PASSWORD for your email will be
    • your last name followed by
    • your 5 digit Zip Code.  For example…Smith98234.
  • Once you log into your email you have the option of updating that password to something more familiar to you.
  • SUBMITTING WORK TICKETS:  If you find an error in your website or need to update some part of an address or contact information, simply log into your account at DMS at and complete a work order.  We typically get at all work orders within 24 hours.
  • ACCESSING YOUR CPANEL:  All DataMax clients have access to cPanel or “Control Panel” where they can make their own changes and modifications.  If you would like your access credentials to cPanel, simply send in a work order and we will supply them to you.  There are many help videos on YouTube to assist you in learning more about cPanel and how to use it.

Training and Support at DataMax

As a member of the Cash Flow Institute and as a DataMax client, you will be provided with a series of training and support emails which will greatly assist you in becoming successful in the Mortgage Note / Cash Flow industry.  Each email has a specific lesson attached and all lessons are housed within this magazine (Commercial Finance Consultants).  Although Commercial Finance Consultants Magazine focuses primarily on the largest segment of the Cash Flow Industry (Commercial Factoring and Business Finance), many of the articles found in the magazine also provide usable advice for Note Brokers as well, so it a good idea to frequent the magazine itself.  Virtually all “successful” note brokers add commercial finance to their product areas as they expand their business and you can learn more about this exciting area simply by viewing the magazine.  You can access the  HOME PAGE by clicking the HOME BUTTON in the Navigation Bar above.

Registering for Contests, Prizes, Awards, and Affiliate Cash at IACFB

As you will learn, the commercial side of the Cash Flow Industry (factoring asset-based lending, merchant cash, etc.) is dynamic.  As an associate of the Cash Flow Institute, you have a standing invitation to participate in IACFB’s quarterly contests and affiliate membership drives.  You can register for participation and also become part of the factoring community at the Factoring Broker Forums by simply registering at IACFB.