Are you ready to join the factoring industry’s growing community of independent freelance brokers and consultants?  If so, the IACFB’s Factoring 101 Program will provide you with everything necessary to do so.  Factoring 101 is truly a comprehensive program that provides product training, marketing training, and marketing support aids…everything you will need to get your home-based factoring business up and operational and get YOU earning the residual, life of account commission income that has made the factoring industry famous and getting started is a simple, two step process.  Click here to view a complete description of Factoring 101.

Get Started:  Purchase Your Factoring 101 Training GuideFactoring 101 Factoring Broker Training Guide

The Factoring 101 Program Training Guide is $39.95 and is available:

Step Two:  Launch Your Business

If you’re ready to launch your home-based business as a freelance broker and begin earning your share of our industry’s residual, life of account commission income, you can launch your business by purchasing the complete Factoring 101 Program through DMS WebHost.  At IACFB we know that one training / support program does not fit all and we have designed Factoring 101 with flexible and affordable entry in mind.

    • Professionally designed Factoring Broker Website (Included with Annual Hosting)
      • Over 20 website templates to choose from
      • Video Salesperson
      • Squeeze page with built in lead generating “offer” of When Banks Say NO...The Small Business Guide to Factoring
      • Lead Capture forms
      • 3 FREE Business Email Boxes
      • Powerful “Agents” feature for building sub-agent networks
  • MARKETING AIDS Other Broker “Add-On” Support Features
    • Learning Lab Access
    • Factoring Broker Forums Access
    • Lenders Directories Access
    • Proficiency / Certification Program
    • Marketing Aids and Support found in the ANNEX
      • Telephone / Voice Mail Scripts
      • Direct Mail Lead Generation
      • Direct Mail Cover Lettters
      • Sales Stories and Sales Story Samples for Factoring Brokers
      • Classified Ads and Classified Ad Samples
      • Face to Face Networking (Initial Opportunities)
      • Setting Up a Powerful Lead Generating Word Press Blog
      • Email Marketing and Suggestions
      • Pipedrive CRM Overview and optimization instructions
      • Drip Marketing and the “Get Drip” System
      • Workshop PowerPoint for live seminar-style workshops
      • Factoring Case Studies (print ready)
      • Flyers (print ready)
      • Brochures (print ready templates)
      • Postcards & Mail Stuffers
      • Invitation Card Samples
      • List Building and List Management
      • Defining Targets
      • Cold Calling Basics
      • How to Build a Sub-Broker Agency (complete instructions)
      • Creating Guest Speaker Teleconferences with Factors and BDOs

Program Reimbursement ($200)

The Factoring 101 Program is by far the most comprehensive yet affordable method of industry entry available to those home-based entrepreneurs seeking a career in the lucrative factoring industry.  But…it gets even better.

IACFB provides a $200 program fee reimbursement upon submission and acceptance of your first factoring deal presented through IACFB Wholesale Operations.  That’s right, an immediate $200 bonus which represents a complete reimbursement for your broker website and annex marketing materials.  How can you go wrong?

Get Started With Factoring 101 Right Now!

Ready to get started with Factoring 101?  If your ready to start earning your share of our industry’s life of account residual income, simply click here and set up your account at IACFB through DMS WebHost.