The Campus ANNEX: Factoring Broker Marketing Support

One of the most important features of an IACFB Professional Membership for today’s factoring brokers is access to the Campus ANNEX.  Simply put, the IACFB Campus ANNEX is all about factoring broker marketing support and the ANNEX features an entire suite of powerful marketing aids along with campaign training.  Annex access is provided with both the Independent Factoring Broker Program and the Commercial Finance Consultant Program offered through Campus IACFB.

What You Will Find in the Campus ANNEX Factoring Broker Marketing Support Area

The Campus ANNEX is accessed by the Learning Lab / Annex sub-forums link located under “Gateways” in the Factoring Broker Forums.  Once you have logged into the Learning Lab, you will see an ANNEX link located in the Lab’s Index / Table of Contents page.  What will you find in the Campus ANNEX?

  • Website Setup and Support
    • Overviews of both the Factoring 101 and Sponsored Agents Program website features
    • Template choices
    • How to choose and setup your free business email boxes
    • About your website’s submission forms
    • Website “Squeeze Page” operation
    • Build / Setup Forms for Factoring 101 and Sponsored Agent websites
    • Post Build Check List

  • Sales Tools
    • A General Overview of Business Development
    • Setting Up Your Home Office
    • Your Sales Story…Your Most Important Tool
    • Face-to-Face Networking
    • Classified Ads
    • Word Press Blogs
    • Social Media
    • Email Marketing
    • Drip Marketing
    • Setting Up Your Drip System (coming soon)
    • Direct Marketing:  Overview
    • Direct Marketing:  Direct Mail Marketing Overview
    • Direct Marketing:  Your Factoring 101 Website
    • Direct Marketing Samples:  Workshop PowerPoints
    • Direct Marketing Samples:  Case Studies
    • Direct Marketing Samples:  Flyers
    • Direct Marketing Samples:  Brochures
    • Direct Marketing Samples:  Telephone / Voice Mail Scripts
    • Direct Marketing Samples:  Postcards & Stuffers
    • Direct Marketing:  Cover Letters
    • Direct Marketing Samples:  Invitation Cards
    • Direct Marketing:  Where to Find Ideas for Blog Article NEW
  • Campaigns and Strategies
    • The “SUCCESS” Page.
    • Marketing:  Cost / Benefit Analysis for Factoring Brokers
    • Defining Your Targets
    • List Building
    • Understanding Offers
    • Cold Calling:  The Basics
    • Sample Telephone Scripts
    • Campaigns:  An Overview
    • Campaigns:  Tactics and Qualifying
    • Campaigns:  Teleconference with Guest Speakers
    • About Sample 101 Marketing Campaigns
    • Sample 101 Marketing Campaign:  IACFB Teleconference Offer  NEW
    • Getting Social:  Start Posting on Your Blog
    • Locating Your First Networking Opportunities
    • Relationship Building and Management
  • Building Sub-Broker Agencies
    • Building an Agency Referral Network NEW
    • IACFB’s Standardized Agency Program NEW
    • Affiliate Payments  NEW
  • Pipedrive CRM Support
    • Pipedrive:  The Essential CRM for Factoring Brokers
    • Setting Up “Contacts” in Pipedrive
    • Setting Up “Organizations” in Pipedrive
    • Setting Up Your “Deal View Sales Pipeline” in Pipedrive
    • Pipedrive Forms and Your Website
    • Pipedrive Integrations

Get ANNEX Access. Become an IACFB Member

For enterprising factoring brokers, gaining access to ANNEX marketing materials is as easy as becoming an IACFB Member and joining either the the Independent Factoring Broker Training Program or the premier Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant Program.  Click here to visit IACFB Now.

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