The Cash Flow Industry holds many opportunities and if you were temporarily forced to leave this industry and would like to reinstate your website and include the industry’s most productive area of operation, factoring and alternative commercial finance products, simply follow the two links below.

Get Into Factoring With Our Special “Hybrid” Website Designs

For industry “Cash Flow Brokers”, DataMax Marketing Systems offers six (6) specific “Hybrid” website designs (FREE for IACFB Members) created specifically for Cash Flow Brokers that want to develop clients in the commercial side of the industry as well as the mortgage notes/consumer side.  With these websites (view samples), you will be able to easily market your services to any of America’s 29 million small business owners and have the opportunity to earn exceptionally attractive broker commission income, and in some cases such as factoring, the income you earn will be residual with monthly checks coming in for the life of the account (often 5 years and longer).  You can learn more about factoring commission income here.

Factoring 101: Brokers Guide to Factoring

The industry standard for Factoring Broker Training...Factoring 101 from IACFB
Factoring 101: A Broker’s Guide

For those opting to reinstate their Cash Flow / Note Broker website under this special DataMax Program, we have also included special pricing of the Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide to Factoring.  Normally $39.95 on Amazon or the International Factoring Association’s website, the Factoring 101 Training Guide is just a $20.00 Add-On with this Reinstatement Program.  This 200+ page 5-star rated guide sets the industry standard for comprehensive training for new industry brokers and consultants.

Special Reinstatement Program and Pricing

So if you’re ready to get back in the Cash Flow / Mortgage Note business and want to add the factoring and commercial finance side of the industry as well, DataMax has designed the perfect reinstatement program for you and here’s how to take advantage of this special reinstatement program right now.

But There’s More…FREE Website Hosting and Laptop With 1st Deal Submission, Acceptance, and Funding

Win a Dell Laptop
Inspiron 3000-11

If you think this special reinstatement program is too good to be true, well get ready for more…much more.

Factoring is the most productive product area of the Cash Flow Industry and many brokers focus on this powerful method of business finance exclusively due to it’s residual, life of account commission income.  Well it gets even better with the IACFB’s Career Builder Challenge going on right now.  Look at the bonuses and what happens when you submit your first deal through IACFB Wholesale…

  • FREE WEBSITE HOSTING:  Your website hosting (normally $12.95 per month) ceases and hosting remains FREE so long as the factoring account you refer remains active.
  • COMMISSION INCOME:  You receive standard commission income of 10% of the factoring fees earned on a monthly basis for the life of the account.  Month after month…year after year.  (See the Story of Martha)
  • FREE DELL LAPTOP:  In celebration of your first accepted and funded deal, you receive a Dell 11-3000 Laptop Computer with 7th Generation AMD E2-9000e Processor

Reinstate Your Cash Flow Website Now