Reinstate or Set Up a Note Broker / Cash Flow Consultant Website

The Cash Flow Industry holds many opportunities and if you were temporarily forced to leave this industry and would like to reinstate your website and include the industry’s most productive area of operation, factoring and alternative commercial finance products, simply follow the two links below.

Get Into Factoring With Our Special WordPress Website Designs

For industry “Cash Flow Brokers”, DataMax Marketing Systems offers three (3) specific WordPress website designs created specifically for Cash Flow Brokers and Discount Note Broker that enjoy membership at IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Broker) and that want to develop clients in the commercial side of the industry as well as the mortgage notes/consumer side.  With these websites, you will be able to easily market your services to any of America’s 32 million small business owners and have the opportunity to earn exceptionally attractive broker commission income, and in some cases factoring income, to augment your cash flow consulting income. In some cases (factoring) the income you earn will be residual with monthly checks coming in for the life of the account (often 5 years and longer).  View Cash Flow Consulting and Mortgage Note Broker Templates below.

Special DataMax Pricing

For those opting to reinstate their Cash Flow / Note Broker website under this special DataMax Program, we have provided special pricing of the all three website templates which provide you with 50% off as a “returning customer”.  Use PROMO CODE “CashFlow” to be provided with a 50% discount for your new WordPress DataMax website.

  • Pricing:  Mortgage Note Website (Regularly $79.95 priced at just $39.95 with your “returning customer discount”.
  • Pricing:  Cash Flow Broker Website (Regularly$99.95 priced at just $49.95 with your “returning customer discount”
  • Commercial Finance Consultant Website (Regularly $149.95 priced at just $49.95 with your “returning customer discount”