Now that you’ve taken and passed IACFB’s Proficiency Exam…what next?

As it’s name suggests, the Proficiency Exam is designed to gauge your proficiency or level of knowledge in factoring and alternative commercial finance products.  Your score of 70% or higher means that you have…

  • a high level of knowledge and should feel comfortable when networking and engaging in marketing your services to business owners
  • earned “Trophy Points” making you eligible for upgraded prizes and awards during IACFB Contests
  • earned a discount on the Factoring 101 Program

Trophy Points

Trophy Points are awarded to you based upon your score on the Proficiency Exam (must be 70% or higher) and your Trophy Point balance is usually updated within a day or so.  You can check your Trophy Point balance in your USER PROFILE on the Factoring Broker Forums.  Building your CORE Trophy Point balance means bigger and better awards during IACFB Contests and Events and you can find out more about Trophy Points and the Trophy System here.

Program Discount

In addition to Trophy Points, your passing grade on the Proficiency Exam means you have earned a $100 Discount on the Factoring 101 Program and website.  Your Discount Coupon code is the word “Proficient”.  When ordering Factoring 101, enter that code in the “Promotional Code” box on the order form.    To order Factoring 101 upgrades and website now, click here and choose the “Existing Member” option when ordering.  The regular price of the program is $249.95.  You will receive a $100 Discount from that price for your passing score on the Proficiency Exam.

Career Builder

Career Builder is IACFB’s “perpetual” awards contest which provides incentives and prize awards to IACFB brokers when submitting business through IACFB Wholesale.  You can find out more regarding Career Builder by clicking here.  Additional information on IACFB Wholesale and how to submit business to IACFB is located in the Learning Lab.