Factoring Broker Training GuideAs you probably now understand, the business of being a factoring broker or commercial finance consultant is a very unique and specialized niche of freelance consulting.  And…as you should now also know, the value of all consultants, no matter what industry they practice in, is measured by their level of “above average” knowledge regarding a particular product or process.  Being a factoring broker is absolutely no different.  You will be measured by others based upon your expertise and level of knowledge, or in other words, the things you know that the average business owner, banking executive, and accounting professional does not know or understand about factoring and alternative commercial finance products.  In this industry, without question, the more you learn…the more you’ll earn.

IACFB:  An Affordable Source of Comprehensive Training for “Self Starters” and Mobile Creatives

If you are someone that has discovered the “factoring business opportunity”, you have likely also discovered that quality training can also be expensive.  If you have not, simply perform a Google Search on “factoring broker training” and view a few of the Paid Ads.  Make no mistake, most of these training schools are excellent and provide students with truly comprehensive training and support.  Unfortunately, they also are expensive, typically charging $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, $50,000 or more for their training.

IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) offers a much different approach to training and education and regardless of whether you choose to attend a professional training school at some future date, IACFB, with its exceptionally low cost programs, should always be the place to start.

Entrepreneur “types” that can benefit from IACFB membership, training, and support are…

  • SELF STARTERS:  Motivated and ambitious individuals that can grasp a concept and run with it.  They are incredibly self assured and believe they can accomplish anything.
  • MOBILE CREATIVES:  High level entrepreneurs with adaptive skills.  Individuals often seeking multiple income streams and those truly wanting to be
  • able to work when they they want and from anywhere they want
  • OPPORTUNISTS:  Those drawn to business opportunities featuring residual and renewable income.  Opportunists gauge their success on the amount of income they will make as a result of “residuals” and continuing payment streams, when they are NOT working
  • DRIVEN:  Driven entrepreneurs are those that are exceptionally motivated.  They KNOW they must succeed at any cost to better their lifestyle.  They are often simply individuals of above average intelligence that are stuck in a dead-end job with nothing to lose by taking a risk and striking out on their own

Training:  The Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide…It All Starts There

IACFB training for new industry entrants is both comprehensive and exceptionally affordable.  To begin your training and introduction to our industry’s  many niches and product areas, simply complete the following 7 steps:

  • STEP ONE:  Purchase the IACFB’s annual membership ($39.95) and add-on IACFB’s publication; Factoring 101:  A Broker’s Guide by clicking the link above.  This 200+ page, 5-star rated basic training guide is just $20.00 as an add-on to your one year IACFB Membership.  The Guide provides a cornerstone for your development as a factoring broker / commercial finance consultant.
  • STEP TWO:  Access IACFB’s Factoring Broker Forums where you can ask questions regarding various business finance products found in the industry.  This is a free but private area for IACFB Members and Registered Guests and you will be granted access to the forums after you have become an IACFB Member.
  • STEP THREE:  Access the Campus Learning Lab.  Learning Lab access is included with your purchase of the Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide.
  • STEP FOUR:  Access the American Directory of Factors and Lenders through the Factoring Broker Forums.
  • STEP FIVE:  Access the recorded Lender Showcase Presentations from the Presentation Archive in the Learning Lab 
  • STEP SIX:  View the numerous articles available for free on Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine
  • STEP SEVEN:  Take the IACFB’s Certification / Proficiency Exam.  This will gauge your level of knowledge after doing all of the above.

Complete the above seven steps and your level of industry knowledge will be sufficient to successfully enter the community of freelance factoring brokers.  And it will have cost you a grand total of not $10,000, or $20,000, or $50,000.  You will have invested just $59.95 plus shipping for IACFB’s Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide to Factoring and this unique education and opportunity.