Off-Campus Academy for Sponsored Agents

The “BIG NEWS” for IACFB is the new “Off Campus” Academy ( is being provided as a Factoring 101 Training “Lite” facility that will provide for…

  • Training for Sponsored Agents for IACFB’s newly badged Factoring 101
  • Training for IACFB Wholesale Sponsored Agents
  • Factors providing basic training for their brokers
  • Cash Flow Consultant / Mortgage Note Broker requiring / upgrading continuing education for their Cash Flow Business

The new Factoring 101 Sponsored Agent Program will offer a powerful tool that IACFB Commercial Finance Consultants can build their own “referrer” networks at very, very low cost.  In fact, using the PROMO discount provided by DataMax as “early bird pricing” means a referrer (once sponsored) can access training (including broker landing page) for a newly recruited agent for just $60 including training, website set, and hosting .  For new Factoring 101 Sponsored Agents, THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH IACFB or PARTICIPATING IACFB GRADUATES OF THE COMMERCIAL PROFESSIONAL FINANCE CONSULTANT BROKER PROGRAM.  To find a participating Factoring 101 freelance broker to sponsor you and currently expanding their agent program, or when IACFB Wholesale is available, check out the IACFB LinkedIn board at IACFB Factoring Group.