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It’s no big secret that when it came to social media for factoring brokers and finance consultants, Twitter has always been avoided when it comes to where we spend our networking time.  LinkedIn has always enjoyed the top spot of social media simply because it’s considered “the place” to do business.  Not only can you meet business clients, but you’ll also meet hundreds of funders.  Facebook enjoyed second spot due to  opportunities such as Facebook Ads for B2B connections.  Twitter, however, has been mostly avoided and looked at as a “waste of time” simply because so few small business owners have been comfortable with Twitter’s liberal bias.  A place to catch up on Hollywood’s latest breakups and divorces, but that’s about it.  But that appears, is about to change.  With the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, conservatives are now flocking back to to the platform at a rate not seen for years.  In fact, data compiled by The Verge from social media statistics site Social Blade shows that in the two days since the news making deal was completed, influential conservative accounts, long avoiding any activity, have now increased their follower counts at roughly ten times the average daily rate for the months leading up to the acquisition.  To understand the recent rush back to Twitter, brokers first need to understand the importance of social media as a source of marketing for small business owners.

Conservatives as Business Owners

All brokers operating in the factoring and alternative commercial finance arena need to understand the importance of relationship building and that includes sources of financing as well as prospective clients.  And, an import characteristic of this group of individuals means you will need to understand a bit about those that consider themselves politically conservative.

A survey released in 2020 by the National Small Business Association found that the percent of small business owners surveyed that consider themselves strongly or moderately affiliated with conservatives totals 53% with another 23% identify as being independent.  Those small business owners that identify as moderately or strongly liberal total only 24%.  It is additionally important to note that with the recent economic reports that showcase inflation at nearing 10%, the number of business owners that identify a conservative bias will likely continue to grow.


Compliments National Business Association

For small business owners, Twitter had always been a social platform with a primary goal to serve political liberals and groups such as Hollywood’s elite.  The previous history of censorship of news stories of economic and political interest to conservatives by the Twitter platform drove away small business owner conservatives in droves.  For conservative business owners, Musk was certainly correct in his intuition to take Twitter private.  Though the free speech fight is just getting started, Pandora’s free speech box is now open and for conservative business owners, there’s no way to close it again.

What The Change in Twitter Means to You?

So with the possibility that Elon Musk So what does the change in Twitter mean to you?  For freelance brokers and finance consultants with a conservative bias…plenty.  One of the most important methods of marketing and lead generation for industry professionals is networking and relationship building and to be effective at either with the vast majority of small business owners, you need to have a platform where you can share common interests.  Twitter is now positioned to become that platform and not a minute too soon.  In fact, liberals are so terrified of the “new sheriff in town” they have already installed their version of a “Ministry of Truth” right out of Orwell’s chilling dystopian social science fiction novel and cautionary tale, 1984.

For conservative financial brokers and consultants, Twitter will now provide a platform where you can meet, greet, and network with small business owners with common interests and there’s plenty to talk about.  Inflation is rampant, a recession is looming, and the mid-terms are right around the corner.  Small business owners have a lot to say and you now have a powerful platform where they can build confidence in you and your abilities to provide ready financing when the need arises.  Start building your network of followers as soon as possible.  If you’ve avoided Twitter in the past, it’s now the time to take another hard look at Twitter.

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While the final price and purchase that Musk may well pay is still up in the air, there is no question that a Twitter featuring free speech with attract hundred of thousands of more conservative business owners so don’t wait.  Avoid the rush and sign up at Twitter.  To comment on this article, make sure you are a member at Linked in at IACFB at