Ready for a new career and lifestyle change?  If so, maybe it’s time to launch a home business as a freelance, independent factoring broker with the assistance of IACFB.  Through IACFB’s highly affordable “Essentials Startup Program”, you can be on your way to a career as a consultant in factoring and begin earning our industry’s residual, life of account residual commission income.  Here’s how to get started today!

  • STEP ONE:  Purchase the IACFB’s Factoring 101:  Broker’s Guide to Factoring directly from  ($39.95…click here to order)
  • STEP TWO:  When you have received your guide, turn to page 198 and follow the instruction to access the Factoring Broker Forums, Learning Lab, and Lenders Directories
  • STEP THREE:  Purchase your “Essentials” membership at IACFB  ($39.95 annually).  Your “Essentials” membership provides you with your website domain and business email accounts.  (Click here to order)

Establish Your “Learn to Earn” Discount and Enter the Factoring 101 Program

  • STEP FOUR:  Spend a few days studying your Factoring 101 Training Guide.
  • STEP FIVE:  Log into the Learning Lab and take the Factoring 101 Proficiency / Certification Exam.  Under IACFB’s “Learn to Earn” Discount Program, all new Factoring 101 trainees can easily earn a $100 program discount or more with Learn to Earn and our “Know Your Stuff” contests.  (Find out more about Learn to Earn discounts here)
  • STEP SIX:  Apply your discount, purchase, and enter the Factoring 101 Program with ANNEX Business-in-a-Box ($299.95 less discount)  This program completely supports your industry entry including…
    • a professionally designed Factoring 101 broker website
    • marketing aid templates including…
      • brochures
      • flyers
      • postcards
      • mail stuffers
    • case studies
    • cold call / telephone scripts
    • direct mail cover letters
    • Pipedrive CRM setup instruction
    • much, much, more
  • STEP SEVEN:  Log into the Factoring 101 Support Area at the ANNEX, choose your website template and complete the website Build Form.  Typically, your website will be up and operational within 48 hours.  Familiarize yourself with the expansive marketing support area at the ANNEX and begin marketing your new factoring consultancy.