Kacey Harmon…Cash Flow Broker Discovers Factoring

kacey the Cash Flow Broker

Kacey Harmon was a telephone receptionist at an auto dealership in Orlando, FL and had also been working part time as a Mortgage Note Broker and Cash Flow Consultant for several years on the side.  Her receptionist job paid just $12.00 per hour and her note brokering business was profitable but income from it was sporadic as note holders wanting to sell their high interest private notes were difficult to find.  At just 28, Kacey was a perpetual entrepreneur, always searching for other business opportunities and additional income streams so she could eventually exit her mostly dead-end job at the dealership.

While on LinkedIn one day, she saw an article about something called factoring in her entrepreneur’s group and decided to do a search engine search to find out a little more.  As she explored some articles, she discovered that factors often generate business through independent “factoring brokers” who were paid commissions for their referrals.  And what piqued her interest even more, was the commissions paid were residual, meaning she would earn a commission check month after month, year after year for her referrals as long as her referral continued to use the factor’s services.

Kacey Discovers IACFB

Using her favorite search engine, DuckDuckGo.com (Kacey hated being spied on by Google), she did another search for “factoring broker training” and found a link to IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, which offered exceptional broker training at very low cost.  And in further exploring the IACFB site, she also discovered they offered something called a Freelance Factoring Broker Program which provided not only comprehensive training in factoring, but a complete array of classes and lessons on how to market the factoring product as well.  Kacey could immediately see how adding factoring and commercial finance products to here existing consumer cash flow broker products such as mortgage notes offered a “two pronged approach to success.  It was clear that referring and brokering factoring clients and building a book of factoring commissions that paid each and every month would smooth out the earnings gaps ion her notes business so Kacey took the plunge and become an IACFB Freelance Factoring Broker.

Under the IACFB Freelance Factoring Broker Program, Kacey was provided with a professionally designed WordPress factoring broker website complete with built-in lead-generating offers to help her generate leads for factoring.  When a form was filled out on the site by a visiting business owner for her FREE offer of a PDF Factoring Guide for Small Business Owners booklet, that form response was automatically sent to her IACFB provided email box for follow up.  But then, Kacey came upon a real find.  IACFB also had special websites in their arsenal custom made for Cash Flow Brokers called “SuperSites“.  These websites not only provided detailed information on factoring, asset-based lending, SBA loans and export financing for business owners, but these expansive websites also offered individual pages and quote forms for owner financed mortgage note sales, structured settlement cash outs, inheritance advances, and pre-settlement legal advances, all products Kacey currently offered in her Cash Flow Broker business.  This was perfect.

Another program benefit that Kacey was excited about was the WordPress website provided by IACFB.  Because it was WordPress, this meant she would automatically have a blog and she was well aware that bloggers could make great side money by joining affiliate programs that also paid commissions when someone clicked on one of her affiliate links.  She had already been looking at starting a blog and was researching blogging opportunities but with her new landing page, she now had one all ready to go.  And what made the blogging opportunity even more attractive was the IACFB SuperSite featured a powerful “drag and drop” website builder / editor called Elementor which meant she could add affiliate links, modify text, colors, and images, and even add more products and pages all by herself without know an ounce of html coding.

Kacey Enters the Campus

Kacey found the online e-learning center at Campus IACFB very easy to follow and she learned very quickly about factoring and how it could be used to solve most problems that small business owners face when their customers pay invoices too slowly.  As a Freelance Factoring Broker, she additionally received a print version broker training guide (she liked to learn from books as well) called the Commercial Finance Consultants Guide to Factoring that contained an entire section full of startup marketing tips and ideas to help her launch the commercial finance portion of her business.  Since she was on a tight marketing budget, the classes and lessons found in the training campus as well as the print guide on networking and how to build solid referral relationships for factoring was of particular interest to her.  She quickly reasoned that while none of the people she new at the dealership where she worked had a mortgage note they wanted to sell, many DID have family members and friends that owned small businesses that might need factoring or SBA loans that she could now provide so the opportunities she now had for building a solid referral network exploded.