How to Train Your New Agents

For some very exceptional factoring consultants, and those earning exceptional monthly commissions, the key to generating quality leads on a consistent basis means running a successful “agents” program.  Success mean building networks of occasional “referrers” that can send business owners in search of financing your way.   Whether those sending just one or two per year for funding makes no difference just so long as such referrals are “quality” and that then requires a minimum of training.  Fortunately, training is available for such referrer programs for very minimal cost and is available and accessible for agent programs being utilized for IACFB commercial finance consultants.

Agent Training

For consultants that utilize networks of active “sponsored agents” and also mortgage brokers / cash flow brokers, training is provided by a special “Factoring 101 Lite” program operated by IACFB (the International Associated of Commercial Finance Brokers).  This program is operational at the “off-campus academy” and is provided through the new portal available at To be successful, Sponsored Agents of professional consultants must exemplify a minimum of knowledge of factoring and asset-based lending to be able to explain the benefits of funding through your sponsor and how it works.  To provide agent “essentials”, agents….

  •  have access to a special section of IACFB’s on-line training which feature Factoring 101 “Lite” training
  • are provided a special WordPress Factoring Agent Landing Page that assist you Agent or IACFB Wholesale in providing leads
  • are furnished a 21-page booklet for business owners that is a valuable lead-generator for your consultant to follow up on

Once trained and provided with the Landing Page, agents can generate leads and commissions for their sponsor or IACFB and their own pace.  The more they are successful at distributing the lead-generating booklet explaining factoring and your sponsor’s services, the more clients created and, of course, the more commissions generated for the sponsor and agent.

Sponsor’s Promo Discount

Although the Agent Program can be accessed through any industry factor or IACFB, the actual program DISCOUNT is only available with a professional IACFB Consultant engaged with an active agency program that provides you, their agent, with the PROMO CODE and instructions with exactly how to sign up.  Check with your Sponsor to get their particular program details and commission agent rates.