IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) is the nation’s most popular training facility for those select individuals seeking a career in the commercial factoring and asset-based lending industries as a freelance business development consultant.  For those seeking to learn more about IACFB and it’s highly affordable Factoring 101 training programs, simply pay a visit to their public website at http://www.iacfb.org.  For those already enrolled in factoring 101, the following information and links will assist you in getting started with the program and in the industry as a freelance broker/consultant.

The Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide to Factoring

The IACFB’s Factoring 101: Broker’s Guide to Factoring is the cornerstone of IACFB training and broker support.  The guide is just $39.95 and is available from 3 sources:

To find out more about IACFB’s Broker’s Guide to Factoring, click here.

The Learning Lab, Access, and Password

The Learning Lab is an area dedicated to new IACFB Members and is all about “startup”.  All purchasers of the Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide to Factoring have FREE access to the Learning Lab and it’s wealth of startup tips and information.  Click here for additional information on the Learning Lab and an Access Link.

Business-in-a-Box at the Campus Annex and Factoring Broker Website Setup

IACFB’s Business-in-a-Box is all about marketing and marketing tools.  It is a powerful training and support resource for those seeking a “professional” entry into the industry but without the knowledge and resources to design the marketing tools to do so.  Business-in-a-Box contains an expansive suite of templates for attention-getting brochures, flyers, postcards, mail stuffers as well as scripts for telephone marketing, elevator pitches, etc.  It additionally contains all the information you will need to set up your included Factoring 101 broker website and optional blog.

More on Business-in-a-Box and the Campus ANNEX and how to access it can be found here.

Pipedrive CRM Free Trial

All those that enter our industry on a “professional” basis will require a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).  IACFB tested dozens of CRMs and after critical review, now supports Pipedrive due to it’s flexibility and low monthly cost.  IACFB completely supports Pipedrive and provides training on it’s use along with your Business-in-a-Box subscription.   You can request a 30 day FREE Trial of this powerful business management system by clicking on the Pipedrive CRM tile in the Learning Lab.