For our registered guests and magazine subscribers new to the industry, there are two additional IACFB support areas to assist you in launching your factoring broker consultancy and becoming productive in as short a period of time as possible.  They are the…

The Factoring Broker Forums (Bulletin Boards)

The Factoring Broker Forums are a community bulletin board and place where you can comment on magazine articles, network and ask questions of other IACFB members, lenders, and staff.  The forums are private and login permissions are only granted to IACFB Professional Members and Factoring 101 Consultants.  To gain login permissions to the forums you must be a…

  • PROFESSIONAL MEMBER (Guide Buyer):  Information on “Professional Membership” is available at
  • FACTORING 101 CONSULTANT:  Subscriber to Business-in-a-Box

Logging Into the Forums

The Factoring Broker Forums utilize a standard Xenforo Bulletin Board Platform utilized throughout by various organizations throughout the internet.  They are very easy to navigate.  Once you have registered for forums use at IACFB, you will be able to log in as follows…

  • USERNAME:  This will be your first and last name with a space in between and with the first letter of each capitalized.  (ex. John Smith)
  • PASSWORD:  This will be your 5 digit Zip Code.   You may / should update your password from your User Profile when you first log in to the forums.
  • AFTER LOGIN:  After you have successfully logged in, click on your “Profile” information and from the dropdown menu, update your PASSWORD.  You can also add a picture (avatar) and additional information about yourself.   Posts on the forums will earn you “Trophies”.  You can learn more about Trophies here.

Most important for IACFB Professional Members, the forums house the “Gateway System” for access to the:

  • Learning Lab: Broker training and continuing education areas
  • ANNEX:  Marketing training and sales aid templates
  • Lenders Directories:  The Directory of American Factors and Lenders
  • Archives:  Article archives from Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine as well as around the internet

After successfully logging into the Factoring Broker Forums, the training and support area “Gateways” are easily accessed by clicking on the “Sub-Forums” link and then selecting from the drop down menu.

The Learning Lab

For those new to the industry, the Learning Lab supplements the Factoring 101 Broker Training Guide with expansive amounts of training and continuing education content.  For Professional Members, the Learning Lab is accessed through the “Sub-Forums” dropdown menu.   NOTE:  This menu is not visible to Registered Guests.  You must be an IACFB Professional Member for access to the training and support areas.

Becoming an IACFB Professional Member ($39.95)

To access the Learning Lab and supplemental training areas requires Professional Membership at IACFB.  If you have not already done so, you can become a Professional Member and enjoy all the training and support benefits by simply purchasing our Comprehensive Factoring Broker Training Guide at  DMS WebHost.