No matter what your intentions are as far as the type of factoring consultancy you intend to operate and whether you will be entering the industry on a just a part-time basis or have intentions to make consulting in factoring a full time career, you will need to spend some time learning just how factoring works and what it’s unique problem solving capabilities are when used to address problems of business cash flow.  To learn the “ins and outs” of factoring, you will have many options including courses offered by International Factoring Association (IFA) as well as hands on training offered by specialized schools.  Factoring is a very specialized industry and obtaining a quality education is vital to your success.  Unfortunately, such a specialized education is not inexpensive, with high quality courses and training programs running from $1,000 up to as  much as $50,000 or more.  Fortunately, learning the industry basics along with acquiring the knowledge how to enter and get started the industry successfully as a freelance factoring broker can be obtained simply with the purchase of the popular publication Factoring 101: A Broker’s Guide available through the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers).

Written From the Broker’s Point of View

Factoring 101: A Broker’s Guide is written from the independent broker’s point of view.  The first half of this 210 page training guide completely breaks down the factoring transaction making it extremely easy for those new to the industry to become an expert in this powerful worldwide business finance tool.  The second half of the book presents the most common methods of marketing available to new brokers and assists them in quickly setting up their consultancy so they can begin sharing in the industry’s near legendary residual commission income.

How to Purchase the Factoring 101: Broker’s Guide to Factoring ($39.95)

Those interested in learning more about a full or part-time career as a freelance factoring broker can begin their journey by purchasing the Factoring 101: Broker’s Guide to Factoring from either…

Additional Startup Support in the Learning Lab and Access

In addition to the wealth of information found in the training guide, purchasers are also given access to online support found in IACFB’s Learning Lab.  The Learning Lab is an area specifically designed to assist new industry entrants in setting up their business properly as well as launching their first marketing and networking efforts.  The Learning Lab and accompanying Broker Forums also act as a ready resource and access point for much of the private support areas found in Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.

Those who have purchased the Factoring 101 Broker Training Guide can access the Learning Lab directly from the magazine’s navigation bar (See Step 2)  Your password for access to the lab is on page 198 of your training guide.

Certification and the Proficiency Exam Discontinued

The Class Marker certification / proficiency exam has been discontinued as of July 2019.  The new certification program and exam will be available through the new Campus Academy in late 2019