Those entering the independent business development side of the factoring industry and who will be participating on only an occasional basis will easily be able to operate with minimal marketing support tools and this includes tools such as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).  Anyone with intentions of operating on a more “professional level”, whether part-time or full time will not.  In this unique niche of professional consulting, a CRM, like a website, is an essential business development tool and you can learn more about CRMs in this article.  After testing dozens of CRMs and based upon features and affordability, IACFB chose Pipedrive as it’s #1 CRM of choice.

Pipedrive Support in Factoring 202

IACFB fully supports Pipedrive through Factoring 202 and this includes our subtle setup modifications as well as the free installation of Pipedrive Forms within both DataMax Enterprise and Factoring 101 Websites.  Complete instructions and assistance regarding this powerful CRM can be found in the Factoring 202 ANNEX.

Free Pipedrive 30 Day Trial

Anyone can request a 15 day FREE trial of Pipedrive simply by visiting their website, however, this FREE trial period can be doubles extended to 30 FULL DAYS by simply requesting it from IACFB and using our supplied link.  To request your FREE 30 Day Trial, simply click on this FREE TRIAL LINK to visit IACFB’s public website.