As everyone today knows you are not REALLY in business until you are on the web and one of the first tasks to be performed by all new industry brokers is to set up a business website for marketing.  For IACFB members purchasing the Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide, setting up a business website could not be easier now less expensive.  In fact…it’s FREE!

The IACFB website program actually includes two (2) websites.  A “static” html website and a WordPress website.

  • STATIC HTML WEBSITE:  Very affordable starter factoring broker website from the DataMax ENTERPRISE SERIES that comes complete with business email and also a FREE domain (first year) whether you select an annual, biennial, or triennial hosting package.   (View templates and Purchase Links)
  • WORDPRESS:  WordPress powers over 30% of all websites on the web worldwide and features thousands of beautiful themes and plugins.  And, building your own custom consultant website using the format is so simple virtually everyone can do it.  Be advised, however, building your own consultant website with WordPress will take some time which is why we install a static html website in your domain to get you up and operational immediately.   There are way too many advantages to WordPress to cover here but we assure you that in the long run, WordPress is the way to go.

How to Set Up Your Factoring 101 Freelance Broker Website

Setting up your factoring 101 website is very easy and just a two (2) step process.  To set up your site…

WordPress Setup

Your static html website is typically operational within 24 hours upon you submitting your Build Form and is all that is necessary for you to begin marketing on the web.  But in the long run, as we have mentioned, WordPress is the way to go and setting up a WordPress website for your business DOES NOT require that you have any special knowledge of html or coding of any kind.  Since your WordPress installation includes it’s own easy to navigate dashboard, most brokers will find they can create a custom WordPress masterpiece in a relatively short period of time.  Purchasing a WordPress User’s Manual (such as 1-Hour WordPress 2019 by Dr. Andy Williams) will greatly assist you in quickly setting up your site and learning more about the powerful design tools that accompany WordPress installations.  Additionally, all WordPress business websites include their own blog and from a marketing standpoint, blogs, along with certain social media such as LinkedIn, are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to all types of consultants including factoring brokers.  Through DMS WebHost, IACFB now completely supports the use of WordPress blogs for marketing and Business-in-a-Box (Factoring 202) subscribers will find a complete support area dedicated entirely to WordPress and blogging in the Campus ANNEX.

Request WordPress Installation

Even though you may be setting up a static html website for immediate use, you can request that we install WordPress in the background so you can build a completely custom site and blog in your spare time.  To do so, simply click the “Install WordPress” box on the Build Form.  We will install it in a “blog folder” so you can access it at anytime.