Courthouse Research for Note Leads

For note brokers and investors, the business is really all about networking and research.  Fortunately, in today’s electronic world, much of your networking and research can be done online from the convenience of your home office.

Researching Notes at the County Level

Since all mortgage liens and their notes are recorded at the local county level, that is where you will want to research for “private” note holders.  And while it may be slightly different county to county and state to state, the basics are the same.  You simply must learn how to determine, by the filing, which recorded mortgage loan is a private seller financed recording and which is not.

Online Research for Mortgage Notes

One of the best and most complete “how to” free informational videos on court house research is available on You Tube and published by Leland von Syring at Charter Notes.



Building Lists of Note Holders in Pipedrive

Investing in the time necessary to learn how to do quality online research for private notes can provide you with all the leads necessary to begin your prospecting in earnest.  As you discover “private” note holders, enter their name and contact address in Pipedrive’s Contact Records area.  Since you will not have an email address, direct mail will be your primary method of marketing.  Your goal, however, is to drive such note holders to your website for a FREE report, quotation / proposal, newsletter subscription, or similar offer.  Those who respond to your letters should be added to your Response List which is “Deals View” in Pipedrive.  Often, those who respond are just one phone call away from selling their note and earning you a commission.