Hitting the Collector Car Circuit for New Factoring Accounts

Networking and relationship is a key factor in business development for all factoring brokers and consultants.   All try to seek out advantageous events to periodically attend where opportunities to meet business owners present themselves and where they can build a relationship on common interests.  One of the most common methods of creating such opportunities is when meeting during common travel destinations.  Another can involve travel when attending work related functions such as attending a large trade show.  But when it comes to “shows” where you have unlimited opportunities to meet others and certainly lots of small business owners, one opportunity sticks out simply because it not only gives you lots of fun travel options, but it also presents you with a quality investment option.  Consider getting involved in collector cars.

Unlimited Networking and Relationship Options

For those involved in consulting and finance where building referral relationships can mean BIG money, attending “collector car events” can be a great way to not only meet prospective small business clients, but will also provide you with some great potential vacation time.  A bonus here is that the collector car market has been hot.  Really HOT!  And shows no stopping.  And though getting involved in this hobby doesn’t actually require a purchase, ask yourself, “When was the last time you purchased a car that increased in value rather than drop?”.  And looking for some travel opportunities?

Owning a collector vehicle means you have a plethora of opportunities for meeting others, including small business owners  Events you can attend include low cost / no cost local car shows to extravagant national events where you will meet owners of vehicles (and businesses) that can take your breath away.  Getting involved in this hobby / industry provides you with great fun.  For example, consider attending…

  • Local car shows.  Learn the market and meet your neighbors and collectors
  • An owner’s club.  If you purchase a particular type of vehicle, you will network with others with similar cars
  • National club events.  In addition to getting involved with a particular club, consider national clubs such as the national Antique Automobile Club of America.
  • An auction.  Major collector vehicle auctions are a vacation opportunity and exceptional networking events with companies such as Meacom, Barrett-Jackson. etc.  You have dozens of small auctions to choose from as well.
  • A Concours Show or Event.  These are vacation events where you will meet the stars of collector cars such as $20,000,000 Ferraris, Maseratis, and more.  Attend Pebble Beach, Hilton Head, Amelia Island, Palm Beach Cavallino, and more

Purchase and Research Your Opportunities

As we said before, you do not need to own a collectible to enjoy this hobby and benefit from attending all the great shows, clubs, etc.  If you are interested in an investment, and you are a neophyte when it comes to collectible cars, a good idea is to learn more about the general market by doing a little research. To get started, a great place to learn more is Hemmings Collector Magazine.  Here you will find virtually all types of collector vehicles.

When it comes to purchasing a collectible vehicle, you will actually find financing easier that you think.  Remember, collectibles, if purchased right, are an investment.  One financing resource for virtually anyone is LightStream, where you can purchase your dream.  Additionally, many dealers that feature collectibles also provide financing in house such as Volo Cars.

Wrap Your Trip Into a Vacation

Many of those that are “tops” in sales always find ways to roll networking and relationship build tasks into their vacation down time and you should too. In fact, using time away on vacation can be perfect as periods for building a great series of relationships (essentially networking) but intentionally.  Without question, these networking opportunities wrapped around exciting, collector automobile events can represent some of safest possible way I can mix work with pleasure and, with a little luck, generate a client or two.  This time spent away from your regular work does not only boost your general wellbeing but also enhances one’s disposition and output. The thought of networking vacations wrapped into your new collector car hobby will be one exceptional and fascinating experience which will bring you relaxation while providing exceptional opportunities for new leads and clients.

Comment on This Article

Many home business entrepreneurs never consider wrapping some networking around a vacation and, in fact, for those that embrace this type of opportunity, it will often times define the types of vacations you choose.  Consider your options as a collector car owner or enthusiast and spend some quality vacation time in the near future.  To comment on this article, visit the IACFB Linked Group at,,, https://www.linkedin.com/groups/9075224/