Commercial Finance Consulting: All About IACFB Membership and Programs

For modern day mobile creatives and entrepreneurs seeking to launch a home-based professional enterprise, few ventures offer the flexibility and opportunity of commercial finance consulting.  In fact consulting, as a general category, is one of the fastest growing segments of home-business startups.  But what do you need to become a successful commercial finance consultant?  Well…basically you only need three things:

  • KNOWLEDGE:  Consultants sell knowledge…plain and simple.  You’ll need to develop expertise in a variety of asset-based financial products including factoring, asset-based lending, purchase order finance, import-export trade finance, and many other “alternative” commercial finance products.
  • PLATFORM:   Your “platform” assists in attracting prospective clients to your business.  The cornerstone of your platform is your website which should include information regarding your services and your credentials (certifications)Factoring Broker Development Programs at IACFB
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES:  During startup, networking is the key to a good business launch as a commercial finance consultant.  First will come emails to friends and family about your new enterprise.  Afterwards, it’s all about successfully networking both face-to-face and on social media and this is where the work begins.

IACFB offers those seeking to enter the exciting world of commercial finance consulting with the training and support necessary to launch a successful home business in this lucrative field through both membership and a variety of programs.

Get Active in the Industry.  Start with an IACFB Program

For those seeking to enter the world of commercial finance consulting successfully, it all begins with IACFB Program which will provide you with a starting point and a pathway to learn what you need to begin earning the factoring industry’s famous residual, life of account commission income as a much sought after industry “referrer”.  With an IACFB Program, you will receive…

  • Select the “Program” that is right for you.  (Sponsored Agent, Factoring Broker, Commercial Finance Consultant)
  • Access to the Campus Academy which houses educational content and step-by-step instructions for launching your business based upon your program
  • Access to the Article Archive at Commercial Finance Consultants Magazine
  • Periodic informative newsletters and important IACFB member bulletins

IACFB Training Programs

It is very easy to enter the industry with the assistance and comprehensive training programs available at Campus IACFB and the association offers three (3)distinct pathways to success.

  • PERFECT FOR VERY PART TIME REFERRERS:  FACTORING 101 SPONSORED AGENTS PROGRAMS:  This program is the basic / startup program and is perfect for true “referrers” for those interested in producing on an occasional or part-time bases.  The Sponsored Agents Programs offer access to selected Factoring 101 training lessons from the Campus Academy as well as access to the magazine archive.  As the name suggests, entering this program requires a “Sponsor” and there are two choices…
    • Factoring Broker Sponsor:  Allows you to “team up” with an existing IACFB Factoring Broker
    • IACFB Sponsor:  Allows you to work as a “lead generator” through one of the IACFB public websites
    • Very low cost to enter
  • COMMERCIAL CONSULTANT PROGRAM:  The Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant Program is designed for those individuals seeking a full-time career as a factoring broker / consultants.  IACFB MEMBERS utilizing this program are typically entrepreneurs with a home based career in mind.  They are also commonly successful CASH FLOW CONSULTANTS and / or DISCOUNT MORTGAGE NOTE BROKERS  and are now expanded their business by including factoring and asset-based finance products.  In addition to complete business product training, the Freelance Program provides extensive productivity and marketing training with the addition of…
    • Training…Factoring 101: Comprehensive Factoring and Business Finance  product training
    • Training…Factoring 202: Marketing and Productivity classes with a full suite of marketing aids templates for brochures, mail stuffers, flyers, telephone scripts, etc.
    • Training…Factoring 303:  Cash Flow / Note Broker Products, Training, and Continuing Education
    • Fully Functional WordPress Broker Website (FB-Series DataMax)
    • 50 Business Email Boxes (for sub-broker development)
    • Ability to develop “Sponsored Agent Networks”
    • Access to the IACFB Directory of American Factors and Lenders (over 500 lenders)
    • Access to Recommended Affiliate Programs to Join
    • Modest cost to enter ($299.95 plus monthly “platinum hosting)

How to Enter Broker Development Programs at Campus IACFB

Professional IACFB Broker Development Programs are exceptionally affordable and are entered by “add-on” once you select your “Platinum Hosting” at DataMax Hosting.  Make certain you have determined a GOOD BUSINESS NAME and DOMAIN NAME before you begin.

To find out more and get the latest pricing information on IACFB factoring broker training products, visit