Understanding Terms of Payment

Because factoring tends to be used solely to finance the terms of payment extended by a business to its customers, brokers should become very familiar with this concept and why the granting of terms of […]

Factoring Broker working on a laptop

Making a Decision to Become a Factoring Broker

Congratulations on your decision to explore an exciting new career path, that of brokering commercial factoring transactions as a freelance factoring consultant.  As you may already know, this very unique area of small business consulting […]


Becoming a Freelance Broker at IACFB

For those seeking a truly “professional” home based-business to launch, almost no other business choice can compare with that of Commercial Finance Consultant. Though sometimes referred to a factoring broker, most involved in the industry […]

The Story of martha

$42,000 Payday and the Story of Martha

One of the most common question asked by career seekers exploring the opportunities for freelance consulting (brokering) in the factoring industry is…“Can I succeed as an industry factoring broker?” The answer to that question is definitely…“It […]