Agents Program at Campus IACFB
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Factor’s Agent Program at Campus IACFB

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IACFB at LinkedIn

Campus IACFB on LinkedIn (Factors)

The new Campus IACFB Factoring Group on LinkedIn has just been activated and will perform several important functions for new brokers, Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine, and IACFB itself.  This is a place for brokers, agents, […]

Building Referral networks with Sponsored Agents
For Factors

Building Networks with SQL Contests

Lead Generation with SQL Contests For factors, one of the most effective methods of both building a robust sales network and, of course, generating leads, is through promotions and sales contests.  But the question is, […]

Bill the Tax Preparer

William…Tax Preparer

Bill Jones works as a Tax Preparer in eastern Mississippi and had been looking for some type of home-based business to start during the “off season”.  His tax business was growing and he was very […]

Factoring Broker Amanda Scores Twice

Amanda Smith Discovers Factoring

Like many in the industry, Amanda Smith stumbled upon factoring while looking for a solid, home-based business she could start to supplement her 9-5 job as a hostess at a local restaurant in the Denver, […]