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IACFB at LinkedIn

The new Campus IACFB Factoring Group on LinkedIn has just been activated and will perform several important functions for new brokers, Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine, and IACFB itself.  This is a place for brokers, agents, and consultants to learn more about productivity and business development and increasing their value as freelancers.  Guidelines for the new group are as follows

“This group specifically focuses and supports factoring / ABL training and business development ideas, suggestions, and recommendations for agents, brokers, and consultants operating in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry. All posted content should lean heavily towards assisting industry freelancers in becoming more successful in the lead-generation and business development side of the factoring industry or, for those first exploring industry opportunities, in getting involved. Welcome posts include those with examples of success stories, marketing suggestions, and lead-generation ideas which can assist freelance brokers in developing more commission business. Additional posts welcome on this forum will contain actual training content regarding the factoring product itself and anything and everything that involves individual productivity as it pertains to our industry brokers and consultants. For industry factors, this is also the perfect forum for you and your BDOs involved in Campus IACFB’s factoring agent training program, to solicit for new partners and agents. If you are currently running a sales contest or promotion for industry brokers, this is the place to let the freelance community know all about it. Adhere, however, to our content restrictions. This forum is all about business development and broker success. It is not a place to post tombstone ads regarding your latest financing or any type of “spammy” content that is not specifically factoring and asset-based lending related. “

The new LinkedIn group offers a place…

  • for new brokers to ask questions regarding articles found on Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine
  • where new prospective agents / brokers can locate factors and BDO as sponsors for IACFB’s free Agents Program
  • where agents and brokers can network with each other and learn more about business development and marketing
  • where factors and BDOs can post “snippets” with links to articles of interest to the brokering community
  • where factors can announce sales contests and promotions

To join the new IACFB LinkedIn group, visit “Campus IACFB Factoring” at LinkedIn.