Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine is bi-weekly publication of the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (IACFB) focused on the asset-based and alternative commercial finance community which includes both intermediaries (independent brokers and consultants) and the industry’s many varied specialized lenders.  It is sponsored and maintained by the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers).  Magazine readership includes:

  • FREELANCE FACTORING BROKERS:  Independent consultants who provide expert assistance to small business owners in need of factoring and cash flow solutions
  • COMMERCIAL FINANCE CONSULTANTS:  Experienced professionals which assist business owners in all forms of commercial finance including import-export trade
  • ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS: Specialized bookkeepers andFactoring Broker Training at Campus IACFB accountants that provide financial consulting in addition to their accounting services
  • FACTORS: Providers of factoring and accounts finance services
  • ASSET-BASED LENDERS:  Financial firms providing accounts, inventory and equipment finance
  • MERCHANT / ACH CASH ADVANCE PROVIDERS: Those financiers providing cash advances on future credit card and retail sales>
  • PURCHASE ORDER FINANCE COMPANIES: Those finance companies offering purchase order and offshore finance solutions
  • EQUIPMENT LESSORS:  Specialized lenders and brokers offering equipment finance

Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine:  A Ready Resource for Industry Training and Support 

For both new industry entrants, the Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine represents an accessible resource and “first look” at an industry brimming with opportunity and especially for those individuals seeking a professional, career-oriented home business opportunity.  For seasoned industry professionals, the magazine features powerful articles with “how-to’s” on enhancing productivity and business development.

How Content is Posted and Accessed

New content is posted bi-weekly on the magazine’s front page which is viewable by the general public.  New content is “featured” by category with the previous previous articles from the past two publications viewable directly below.  After six weeks, content is removed to the archives where it is viewable by IACFB Members with credentials for login.

Discussing Articles on the IACFB Group on LinkedIn

One of the most powerful features associated with Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine is the Campus IACFB’s LinkedIn Group which provides a ready forum for discussion of topics. The Campus LinkedIn Group works hand-in-hand with the magazine and provides a forum where IACFB Members can discuss articles and topics with other IACFB members as well as industry lenders.  Membership to the group is open to all.  Click here to view. 

Get All the Benefits of Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine:  How to Subscribe

To get access to all the archived information available from Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine, you simply need to become an IACFB Member (Subscriber).  To subscribe and become an IACFB Member, simply click the “Join” button below.