Factoring Broker Startup Support in the Learning Lab at IACFB

Launching a home-business as a commercial finance consultant (factoring broker) is one of the most exciting (and lucrative) business opportunities available to those that define themselves as self-starters or mobile creatives.  Like all other forms of consulting, however, your value to your clients is determined by what you know.  Consultants earn their living due to their in-depth knowledge of a product or a process and factoring consultants are no different.  To assist new brokers in developing that knowledge, IACFB provides it’s comprehensive training guide, Factoring 101, along with its online startup support facility, the Learning Lab.

What’s In the Learning Lab?

The Learning Lab includes additional Online Content to all purchasers of IACFB’s Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide to Factoring.  The Learning Lab is designed to assist new brokers in becoming more familiar with IACFB and with actually launching their new consulting business.  Topics and online support areas in the Learning Lab include:

  • Quick Startup Topics for “Referrers”
  • Quick Startup Topics for “Freelance Brokers”
  • How to Navigate and Post in the Broker’s Forums
  • Commissions and How to Earn Them
  • The IACFB’s Trophy Point System
  • Building Your First Prospect Lists
  • How to Get Started with the Pipedrive CRM Business Management System (FREE 30 Day Trial)
  • Initial Setup of MailChimp for Email Campaigns
  • Blogging and It’s Important as a Website Add-On
  • An Introduction to Sponsored Agents (Building Your Agents Downline)
  • IACFB Brokers Agreement and How to Submit Your First Deal
  • Taking the IACFB Profiency Exam and It’s Importance
  • IACFB’s Program Cost Reimbursement
  • How to Access the Article Archive (additional training) in the IACFB Magazine
  • Updates on Current Contests and Promotions

How to Access the Learning Lab

Access to the Learning Lab is through the Factoring Broker Forums.  The Lab is free and accessible to anyone with Professional Member Status (Factoring 101 Guide Purchaser or Factoring 101 Program Broker).  Complete instructions on accessing the Learning lab can be found in this article.

It All Starts Here

For those interested in a career in factoring and alternative commercial finance as an independent broker, it all starts with the purchase of the IACFB’s Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide to Factoring which is available from Amazon.com or from IACFB’s DMS WebHost (free shipping Continental U.S.)

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