Commercial Finance Consulting: All About IACFB Membership and Programs

For modern day mobile creatives and entrepreneurs seeking to launch a home-based professional enterprise, few ventures offer the flexibility and opportunity of commercial finance consulting.  In fact consulting, as a general category, is one of the fastest growing segments of home-business startups.  But what do you need to become a successful commercial finance consultant?  Well…basically you only need three things:

  • KNOWLEDGE:  Consultants sell knowledge…plain and simple.  You’ll need to develop expertise in a variety of asset-based financial products including factoring, asset-based lending, purchase order finance, import-export trade finance, and many other “alternative” commercial finance products.
  • PLATFORM:   Your “platform” assists in attracting prospective clients to your business.  The cornerstone of your platform is your website which should include information regarding your services and your credentials (certifications)Factoring Broker Development Programs at IACFB
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES:  During startup, networking is the key to a good business launch as a commercial finance consultant.  First will come emails to friends and family about your new enterprise.  Afterwords, it’s all about successfully networking both face-to-face and on social media and this is where the work begins.

IACFB offers those seeking to enter the exciting world of commercial finance consulting with the training and support necessary to launch a successful home business in this lucrative field through both membership and a variety of programs.

All About IACFB Professional Memberships

For those seeking to enter the world of commercial finance consulting successfully, it all begins with an IACFB Professional Membership which will provide you with everything you need to begin earning the factoring industry’s famous residual, life of account commission income as a much sought after “referrer”.  With IACFB Professional Membership, you will receive…

  • IACFB’s 5-star rated basic factoring training guide;  Factoring 101:  A Broker’s Guide
  • Access to the Learning Lab which houses additional educational content and step-by-step instructions for launching your business
  • Access to the Campus IACFB ANNEX full of marketing and sales aids such as brochures, flyers, case studies, etc.
  • Access to the Directory of American Factors and Lenders with over 500 broker-friendly sources of factoring and business finance

How to Become a Professional Member of IACFB

It is very easy to enter the industry with an IACFB Professional Membership and there are two (2) ways to purchase.  You can…

  • Purchase Our Training Guide directly from  When purchasing the IACFB’s Factoring 101 Guide from Amazon, you are afforded a one year membership in the association.  Instructions for activation your membership and the “Activation Code” will be found on page 198 of the Factoring Broker’s Guide.
  • Purchase Membership through IACFB’s DMS WebHost:  You can purchase your membership directly through IACFB’s DMS WebHost

Entering an IACFB Broker Development Programs

An IACFB Professional Membership will provide you with everything and anything you will need to successfully become an industry “referrer”.  For more career-oriented entrepreneurs, IACFB offers (2) powerful ” Broker Development Programs” based upon your career goals.

  • REFERRERS:  Referrers enter the industry through IACFB on the most basic level, typically by simply purchasing the Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide to Factoring.  They will depend almost exclusively on Social Media such as Facebook and LinkedIn as well as face-to-face networking to develop leads which are usually the result of simply being in the right place, at the right time, and armed with a superior level of knowledge regarding factoring and it’s powerful abilities to solve problems associated with cash flow.
  • FACTORING 101 SPONSORED AGENT PROGRAM:  This is a low cost, introductory program for “referrers” that want to take an additional step and work with a successful Factoring 101 Broker.  IACFB Sponsored Agents will utilize a specific SBF (Small Business Finance) website platform and territory assigned to them by IACFB underwriters.  They have access to IACFB underwriters who can speak to prospective clients on their behalf.  All prospective clients are submitted through IACFB’s Wholesale Operations.  Standard industry broker commissions are paid plus bonuses.  (More on Sponsored Agent)
  • FACTORING 101 FREELANCE CONSULTANT PROGRAM:  This program provides the ultimate in affordable training and support for entrepreneurial self-starters and mobile creatives planning on a professional full time career as a freelance “commercial finance consultant”.  Those entering the Factoring 101 Freelance Consultant Program receive comprehensive training and competency certification through IACFB’s online training facility, Campus IACFB.  Program members choose their website platform from a suite of professionally designed templates.

How to Purchase an IACFB Broker Development Program

IACFB Broker Development Programs are purchased in one of two ways:

  • IMMEDIATE ADD-ON:  You can purchase a Broker Development Program as an immediate “add-on” when buying your membership through DMS WebHost
  • SUPPLEMENTAL:  Adding a program as a supplement to your professional membership at a later date.  Links for purchase can be found in the Learning Lab.

Broker Development Program Pricing

Current Broker Development Program Pricing can always be found on the public IACFB website at  Periodic program promotions (when offered) are available via email for those who have registered to receive IACFB newsletters and promotions.


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