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In today’s challenging economy, tens of thousands of prospective entrepreneurs are actively seeking the perfect business opportunity to launch in their spare time from the comforts of a home office.  It’s not that unemployment is high.  To the contrary, our economy could hardly be doing better.  It is simply that many Americans find that one job is simply no longer enough to cover the monthly bills and expenses.  And with many unable to be away from their residence 12-16 hours each day, more and more individuals are seeking a flexible, yet professional, home-based business solution that can provide the income and fill the monthly shortfalls.  And when it comes to income, few home business opportunities can compete with commercial finance consulting in the alternative commercial finance and factoring industries.  And when it comes to entering these industries on a fast and affordable basis, nothing can compare to the Sponsored Agents Program offered by IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.

The IACFB Sponsored Agents Program:  A Home Based Business Opportunity for Industry ReferrersFactoring Broker Sponsored Agents Program at IACFB

Though IACFB is known for it’s industry standard and more career-oriented Factoring 101 Freelance Independent Broker Program, it is their Sponsored Agents Program that attracts the interest of those “mobile creatives” seeking a very flexible, part-time business opportunity they can operate from their home.  It is a program for referrers and is perfect for those active on social media and who enjoy attending the occasional local networking event, club meeting, or simply an evening out with friends.  Though some who opt for IACFB’s Sponsored Agents Program do engage heavily in direct marketing, the vast majority focus 100% of the time they devote to this business utilizing social media, networking, and relationship building.   This introductory broker startup program by IACFB features:

  • a very low cost of entry (under $200)
  • expansive product training
  • professionally designed agent website with included domain and business email
  • access to IACFB sales aids for marketing and networking
  • access to highly experienced IACFB underwriters for deal assistance
  • competitive standard commission rates
  • periodic sales contests and commission bonuses
  • protected territory
  • reimbursable website hosting fees upon deal acceptance

Cost of Entry (Hosting Only)

To enter the Sponsored Agents Program, you must first become an IACFB Professional Member.  The cost of  IACFB Professional Membership is just $59.95 per year.  Once you are a member, you can then optionally enter the Sponsored Agents Program which includes…

  • Free Website: specific Sponsored Agent Website Design with “Squeeze Page” and Video Salesperson (view sample)
  • Free Domain: free SBF (Small Business Finance) domain related to your assigned territory
  • Protected Territory:  Based upon your geographic location (view currently available)
  • Website Hosting Reimbursement*:  Reimbursement of your annual hosting fee upon submission and acceptance of your first deal
  • Deal Closing Assistance:  Use of IACFB underwriting staff to speak with prospects and help close your deals.

*Website Hosting for Sponsored Agent is $9.95 per month paid annually.  You receive a credit of $100.00 upon submission and acceptance of your first deal placed through IACFB Wholesale Operations.

Product Training and Marketing Support

IACFB is known throughout the industry for it’s extensive (and affordable) factoring broker training programs, most of which are included with the organizations’s Professional Membership.  Training and Marketing Support / Aids for the Sponsored Agent Program are provided through…

  • The IACFB’s industry standard, 5-star rated Factoring 101: Broker’s Guide to Factoring
  • Access to the Factoring Broker Forums (Bulletin Board)
  • Access to the IACFB’s Learning Lab Support Areas
  • Access to the IACFB Campus ANNEX for Marketing Aids and Support
  • Access to the password-protected article archives at Commercial Finance Consultant magazine

Access to IACFB Underwriters and Competitive Commissions

For those new to the industry, two of the clearest benefits and strong points of the IACFB’s Sponsored Agents Program are the industry standard commission payment structure and the access that new brokers have to IACFB experienced underwriters.  When referring prospects to IACFB’s Wholesale Operations department for financing, agents receive…

  • Industry Standard Commission Rates of 10% of the Factoring Fees Earned
  • Residual Monthly Payments
  • Life of Account Payments
  • Standard $100 Bonus on the first deal accepted each year. (Reimbursement for website hosting expense)

Almost as important as the attractive commission arrangement featured in the Sponsored Agents Program is the access to IACFB’s experienced underwriters for T.O.’s (Turnovers).  Simply put, members of IACFB’s Sponsored Agents Program do not need to close deals.  They only need to get the potential client to the point where they would like to explore a factoring / financing arrangement and find out more by speaking with an “expert”.  Once at that point, the agents turnover (T.O.) the prospect to IACFB staff for closing and placement with the proper lender.  Sponsored Agents never get involved with paperwork or close deals.  Once a prospective client has evidenced a recognizable interest, such as requesting a free factoring report or case study from the agent’s website, it is then the job of IACFB Wholesale Operations to assist in closing the deal for you.

Sales Contests and Commission Bonuses

Sales contests and bonus programs are always exciting and as a member of the Sponsored Agents Program, you should be prepared for excitement.  IACFB holds four (4) quarterly contests each year as well as “Spot” bonuses, prizes, and awards.  Many are associated with IACFB’s Affiliates Program and unique Forums-Related Trophy System.

Protected Territory

All those entering the Sponsored Agents Program have an assigned and protected territory.  Smaller cities will be limited to one agent while larger metropolitan areas may have 4 or 5.  Most entering the Sponsored Agents Program will work primarily on social media but many will also network with members of community business support centers such as SCORE and local SBDCs.  Those wanting to employ direct marketing such as direct mail marketing campaigns with telephone follow up will find their membership access to the Campus ANNEX loaded with mail stuffers, post cards, cover letters, telephone scripts and everything else a factoring broker needs to support direct marketing campaigns.

How to Sign Up for the IACFB Sponsored Agents Program (New Member)

So if a part time career as an industry factoring broker is in your future and you need to keep startup costs low and under control, the IACFB’s Sponsored Agents Program may be just the right fit for you.  For new industry consultants, signing up for Sponsored Agent is a very easy three (3) step process.

  1. Visit DMS WebHost and select “Order Hosting” from the menu
  2. Select the IACFB Professional Membership Option and click the green “Order Now” button
  3. From the available “AddOn” options, select IACFB Sponsored Agent Website 

Once your new Membership Order is processed (within 24 hours), you will receive an email from IACFB staff with notification that your Factoring Broker Forums status has been upgraded and you will now have access to the ANNEX to setup your new website and all other membership features.

How to Sign Up for the IACFB Sponsored Agents Program (Amazon Guide Buyers)

If you have purchased an IACFB Factoring Broker Training Guide from Amazon.com, you are already an IACFB Professional Member.  To enter Sponsored Agent as an Amazon.com guide purchaser…

  1. If you DO NOT have Factoring Broker Forums access, get your permissions upgraded by completing the request form on IACFB’s public website.  Your required “CODE” for form submission is on page 198 of your training guide.
  2. Follow this link to the special DMS Webhost hosting / signup area.

Once your new Hosting Order is processed (within 24 hours), you will receive an email from IACFB staff with notification that your Factoring Broker Forums status has been upgraded and you will now have access to the ANNEX to setup your new website and all other membership features.


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