How to Use IACFB’s Factoring Broker Bulletin Boards

For those new to the factoring industry and it’s freelance brokering opportunities, Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine provides a clear look at the many opportunities available to entrepreneurial mobile creatives and those that can be considered self-starters seeking a truly professional home business.  But while the magazine provides introductory looks at the business of brokering, where do you go to ask questions of industry professionals?  That would be the IACFB’s Factoring Broker Bulletin Boards.

The Factoring Broker Forums / Bulletin Boards provide a platform where those new to the industry can ask questions, post threads and comments, and network with others regarding all topics related to commercial finance product areas and business development.  The bulletin board also act as a “gateway system” to the many broker support areas available through IACFB.

An Easy to Use Xenforo Platform

Factoring Broker Bulletin Boards

The IACFB’s Factoring Broker Bulletin Boards utilize and extremely easy to navigate Xenforo forums platform that anyone can quickly learn to use.  IACFB supplied “Categories” for posting include:

  • Member Welcomes, Certifications & Recognitions

  • Career / Industry Opportunity Discussions

  • The Economy & Business Climate for Brokers

  • Alerts: Lender Contests and Promotions Alerts

  • General Discussions on Business Development

  • Direct Marketing Discussions

  • Networking Discussions

  • CRMs, and Other Hardware / Software Topics

  • Book Reviews & Recommendations

  • Lender Introductions and Announcements

  • Factoring and Asset-Based Lending

  • Purchase Order Finance

  • Merchant Cash and ACH Advance

  • Import-Export Trade Solutions

  • Other Brokered Products in the ABF Community

Registering & Initially Logging in to the Forums

The Factoring Broker Bulletin Boards are “private” in that you must first register to use these forums and you do so on the IACFB’s public website at  The forums are professional and IACFB does not allow pseudonyms.  To participate, you must register using your actual first and last name.

NOTE:  If you have registered for one of IACFB’s quarterly contests or promotions, you are already registered for bulletin board use as well.

To register, you will provide:

  • First and Last Name:  Full names and no initials
  • Email Address
  • 5 digit Zip Code:  Your Zip Code will be your temporary PASSWORD for forums access

Once initially logged in successfully, click on your USER PROFILE and update your password.  You can also add a picture of yourself as an avatar and update your contact and professional information.

Getting Active:  Submitting Your First Posts on the Factoring Broker Bulletin Boards

Submitting your very first forums post is very easy.  Your first thread can be a simple Introduction Thread where you introduce yourself to the community.  To do so, go to and…

  • Enter you log in credentials
  • After successful log in, click on the  “Member Welcomes, Certifications & Recognitions” category.  You will see all existing threads in that category.
  • Click on the ORANGE Post Thread Button located in the upper right hand corner to start your new thread
  • Enter a title for your New Introduction Thread.  This can simply be your Name and Geographic Location such as Jim Smith…Dallas Texas
  • In the text box below your thread title, begin typing in your thread.  An example could be something like:  “I’ve been looking for a professional home business for some time and factoring may be just what I have been looking for.  Looking forward to becoming active in the community.”
  • After completing your thread, simply click the POST THREAD BUTTON at the bottom.

Congratulations, you have just posted your first thread on the forums.  You have also earned yourself 5 Trophy Points for doing so.  By becoming active on the forums, you can earn up to 50 Trophy Points which will assist you in IACFB Contests, Promotions, and in earning discounts on IACFB’s Broker Programs.

While you are in the forums, you can click an any thread started by someone else.  Add some meaningful comment or question and you will earn additional Trophy Points for doing so.  Note:  Comments should always be meaningful and add to the thread.

Start Building Trophy Point Balances Now

Trophies are a popular tool on many active bulletin boards and the Factoring Broker Forums are no different.  Through the forum’s “trophy system”, you can earn discounts on IACFB’s Startup Programs for new factoring brokers as well as “Affiliate Cash” payments during IACFB’s periodic contests and member promotions.  If you are already registered and in an IACFB contest or promotion, you can always check your Trophy Point Balance by clicking on your User Profile.  Your Trophy Point Balance will also be visible on your avatar each time you post a thread or comment.

The Training and Support Gateway System on the Forums

Most important for IACFB Professional Members, the forums house the “Gateway System” for access to the:

  • Learning Lab: Broker training and continuing education areas
  • ANNEX:  Marketing training and sales aid templates
  • Lenders Directories:  The Directory of American Factors and Lenders
  • Archives:  Article archives from Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine as well as around the internet

After successfully logging into the Factoring Broker Forums, the training and support area “Gateways” are easily accessed by clicking on the “Sub-Forums” link and then selecting from the drop down menu.

NOTE:  The “Sub Forums” Menu drop down WILL NOT be visible to the forum’s Registered Guests.  It is only visible to IACFB Professional Members

No Reason to Wait…Get Active Right Now!

One of your very first steps in becoming an industry professional and beginning to earn the residual, life-of-account commission income so common in the factoring industry is to “learn the ropes” and there’s no better place that the IACFB’s Factoring Broker Forums along with Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine.  Along with IACFB’s Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide, these three areas provide cornerstones of your early industry education.  Get started today and register with the IACFB.

Want to Comment on This Article?

If you have questions or comments regarding this article, post them in the Commercial Finance Consultants Magazine “Comments Section” on the Factoring Broker Forums.  If you are not yet a Forum’s Community Member, you can join the community by simply registering at the IACFB’s public website at



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