Accessing IACFB’s Factoring Broker Forums & Learning Lab

If you are a new Professional Member of IACFB (Guide Purchaser) or if you have elected to enter the Factoring 101 Program, you will need to learn how to access support functions through the Factoring Broker Forums. The Factoring Broker Forums are an IACFB Bulletin Board where all IACFB Professional Members, 101 Program Members, Agents, and Registered Guest can network with other brokers, consultants, and approved industry support companies as well as discuss and comment upon articles found in this magazine.   The forums also act as the “Gateway System”  for access the Learning Lab and Annex marketing Materials.  The forums are private (members only), IACFB Registered Guests can also join in when approved.

How to Get Access to the Factoring Broker Forums and Learning Lab

Those that have purchased the IACFB’s Factoring 101 Broker Training Guide for, will be set up with forums access when they submit their Learning Lab Permissions Form. (see page 198 of the Factoring 101 Training Guide)  If you have come as a purchaser of the Factoring 101 Freelance Program through DMS WebHost, you will already have your permissions set up for the Forums, Lab, and Annex and will have received an email with password from IACFB.

Once you are register, you will have access to the forums and support areas immediately.   Your full name is required to set up your credentials on the forums.  When initially set up, your forum login credentials will be:

  • USERNAME:  Your first and last name with a space between and with both names capitalized.  (ex.  John Smith)
  • PASSWORD:  Your password will be your 5-digit Zip Code that you supply on the registration formNetworking on the Factoring Broker Forums

Once you successfully log in to the forums the first time, you should access your USER PROFILE and reset your password.  You will also be able to upload a picture of yourself (avatar) as most members do and complete your personal information section.

Learning to Use the Factoring Broker Forums

The forums are a standard Xenforo bulletin board which is very easy to navigate and you will be able to post new threads and add comments to existing threads almost immediately.  It is essential that you learn to use the forums as they also act as a “Gateway System” to the various IACFB training and support areas such as the Learning Lab, Annex, and Factoring 101 Marketing Support which are available to IACFB’s Program Members.

Asking Questions and Networking on the Forums

The forums naturally act as a place for networking with others in the industry and they are the perfect place to ask questions about financing, marketing, startup, and more.  The Factoring Broker Forums supplement and support the Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine and provide a great area where you can ask questions regarding the many articles found here in the magazine.

Profile Posts Vs Forum Posts

One of your first posts will likely be a “Profile Post” introducing yourself.  Profile Posts appear in the small right column of the forums and should basically only be used for profiles, telling the community a bit about yourself.  All other new threads and posts are made in the various categories located in the main body of the forums.

The Gateway System:  Accessing the Learning Lab and Broker Training and Support

In addition to it’s primary function as a place for networking between members and commenting on magazine articles, the forums also act as a “Gateway System” which is used to grant access to the many IACFB factoring broker support and training areas.  Which “gateways” members have access to are based on “permissions”.  All IACFB Professional Members will have access to the Learning Lab.   All IACFB Factoring 101 Freelance Members will have access to both the Learning Lab Startup Area and the ANNEX Marketing Aids Area (Business-in-a-Box) as well as the Lenders Directories if subscribed to that option.

To be able to view and have access to “gateway” features, your account is set up with appropriate “permissions”.  Registered Guests DO NOT have permissions for access and the “gateways” WILL NOT be visible to them from the Sub-Forums Drop Down Menu.

Requesting Access to the Learning Lab (Amazon Buyers)

If you are a recent buyer of the IACFB’s Factoring 101 Broker’s Guide to Factoring, you can request a permissions upgrade and access to the Learning Lab by visiting  Complete instructions and your password details are on page 198 of your Factoring 101 Training Guide.

How to Access the Forum Gateways, Learning Lab, and Training Areas

Once your permissions are updated, access your permissible gateways is very easy.  After logging into the Factoring Broker Forums

  • Navigate to the first forum listed which is simply entitled “Gateways”
  • Directly below you will see (in slightly smaller font) a drop down menu entitled “Sub-Forums”
  • Click on the Sub-Forums menu to view a list of IACFB training and support areas you have permissions to view
  • Click on any listing visible to you to view that particular training or support area

Factoring Broker Forum Gateways

List of Training and Support Area Gateways

The following is a complete list of current training and support area gateways.  Gateways visible to you will be based on your “permissions” and various program memberships.

  • LEARNING LAB and ANNEX GATEWAY:  Permissions are granted to all IACFB Professional Members and purchasers of the Factoring 101 Training Guide.
  • LENDERS DIRECTORIES GATEWAY:  The lenders directories house links to approximately 500 factors and alternative commercial finance lenders.  This area is very important as an initial training area for those new to the industry and also as a searchable source of finance providers as brokers begin to land their first deals.  Permissions granted to IACFB Professional Members and IACFB approved lenders.
  • CAMPUS GATEWAY:  The continuing education and advanced training areas for commercial finance consultants and part of Factoring 101 Business-in-a-Box.
  • LENDER SUPPORT GATEWAY:  This is a gateway to a support area for IACFB approved lenders.

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If you have questions or comments regarding this article, post them in the Commercial Finance Consultants Magazine “Comments Section” on the Factoring Broker Forums.  If you are not yet a Forum’s Community Member, you can join the community by simply registering at the IACFB’s public website at

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