IACFB holds 2 major contests and promotions for new and current members each year.  The Summer Membership Drive, however, stands as one of the most exciting for new IACFB members to participate in.  Here are a few basic strategies to help you compete and earn maximum prizes and awards during the Summer Membership Drive Event.

Get Some Bonus Cash:

Watch Your Email Closely for “Bonus Cash” and Prize Opportunities

During the Membership Drive Event, you will receive opportunities to earn bonus cash and prizes every week.  Many are limited to the opportunities you can receive on a “First Come” basis so the member picking up the email earliest gets the best chance of winning.

Enter a Program:  Earn Immediate Trophy Points

During the Drive / Contest Period, becoming an IACFB Professional Member, entering either the Factoring 101 Program or entering the Sponsored Agents Program will earn you immediate Trophy Points.  Accumulate your Trophies and WIN…WIN…WIN exciting awards and prizes.  While you do not officially need to be an IACFB Professional Member, IACFB Agent, or Factoring 101 Freelance Broker to participate in the drive, it will make it MUCH easier to attract new members and earn Trophies if you can show them you are actively in the business yourself.

ADDED BONUS:  By sending your friends and family to your website or Commercial Finance Consultant magazine to learn more about our industry, you are letting them know you are in business.  Do they know someone that can use your services RIGHT NOW?  Remember, you’ll not only earn 100 Trophy Points for new accepted factoring client submissions, but also IACFB’s standard $100 Immediate Cash Bonus + your regular 10% residual, life-of-account monthly commissions.

Talk It Up on Social Media

The business of consulting in factoring and alternative commercial finance products is a very professional undertaking and a PERFECT home business.  It is especially attractive to those looking at a part-time supplemental business and almost everyone is looking to earn some additional part-time income today!  Great features of this business and opportunity include:

  • Very low entry price (and especially so during the IACFB Membership Drive)
  • Prestige and Legitimacy:  Very high-profile, professional business even for those just operating on an “occasional basis”
  • Easy to “talk up” to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter friends
  • Great informational support your friends can view (helps you sell) at your fingertips on the Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine

Take the Proficiency Exam:  Score Up to 100 Trophies

Study your Factoring Guide and take the IACFB’s Proficiency Exam

Taking the Proficiency Exam represents an “EASY” way of accumulating 85-100 Trophy Points.  Remember, you get two chances on the exam and your highest score counts for Trophies.

  • Study your Factoring 101 Guide reading it at least twice.
  • Log in to the Learning Lab and take the Proficiency exam
  • Based upon your results, review the areas of the guide where you were weak
  • Take the exam the second time to BOOST your score and score some easy Trophies

Your highest score counts toward your Trophy Point Balance.  This is an easy way to score 85-100 Trophy Points.

Posting on the Forums:

Start Posting on the Factoring Broker Forums Immediately

You can accumulate up to 50 Trophy Points just by posting on the Factoring Broker Forums.  This is an EASY 50 Trophy Points and along with scoring well on the IACFB Proficiency Exam, you can easily accumulate 130-150 Trophy Points and be over half way to earning a Dell Laptop or similar valuable prize during the Summer Membership Drive.

You can find out more about the Factoring Broker Forums and how to post and add content right here.

Factoring 101 Brokers: Build Your Agencies and Networks

Factoring 101 Brokers…Now is the Time to Double Your Efforts and Build Your Agencies

All IACFB Professional Members having access to ANNEX marketing training and support should be well aware of the enormous benefits of building an agency network and there is no better time to build your agency than during the IACFB’s Summer Membership Drive.  In addition to your Trophy Points, you will earn $100 hard Affiliate cash for generating 10 or more new agents during the Drive.  If you’re still unfamiliar with the agency concept, log into the ANNEX and read the articles and instructions.  Here is a short article located in the magazine.

Contest Examples

Want to view some contest examples on how to WIN…WIN…WIN…during the Summer membership Drive?  If so…just click here.