There are dozens and dozens of ways to WIN Cash and Prizes during the IACFB’s  2018 Membership Drive and Contest.

  • TROPHY POINTS for Memberships and Programs:
    • 10 Trophies Each Professional Membership:  Become a new Professional Member or refer your friends and acquaintances who become members
    • 25 Trophies Each IACFB Sponsored Agent Program:  Enter the Sponsored Agents Program or refer other who enter
    • 50 Trophies Each:  Enter the Factoring 101 Freelance Broker Program or refer other who enter Factoring 101 Freelance
  • TROPHY POINTS for Exams
    • 70-100 Trophies:  Take and Pass the IACFB Factoring Broker Proficiency Exam
  • TROPHY POINTS for Forum Activity
    • 0-50 Trophies:  Get active on the forums and earn up to 50 Trophies for your activity.  The more active you are, the more Trophies you will earn.
  • TROPHY POINTS for Client Submissions
    • 100 Trophies:  Submit a new factoring client to IACFB wholesale and if that client is accepted, you will earn 100 Trophies in addition to your standard $100 immediate cash bonus and 10% industry standard residual commission income
    • Earn $50 Affiliate Cash for each new Factoring 101 Program Broker your refer
    • Earn $100 Affiliate Cash for each new accepted client submitted to IACFB Wholesale Operations

Below are just a few examples of ways to win during IACFB’s Summer Membership Drive:

Example #1:  Molly…New Sponsored Agent Earns a Dell Laptop Computer

Molly has wanted to become a factoring broker for some time and enters the industry during the IACFB’s 2018 Membership Drive.  She joins as a Professional Member and selects the Sponsored Agent Program as an Add-On, saving the normal $100 setup fee for that program.   Molly also earns a Dell Laptop Computer and here’s how she did it.

  • 25 Trophy Points:  Molly joins IACFB as a Professional Member and elects the Add-On to become a Sponsored Agent, saving the $100.00 regular setup fee (waived during the Summer Membership Drive).
  • 50 Trophy Points:  Molly gets active on the bulletin boards and earns 50 Trophy Points for her posts and comments on the Factoring Broker Forums
  • 80 Trophy  Points:  Molly studies her training guide and earns 80 Trophy Points for her 80% score on the Proficiency Exam
  • 100 Trophy Points:  Molly is active on social media and tells all her friends about factoring and it’s unique home-business opportunities.  She directs them to Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine to learn more.  Of those she tells…
    • 50 Trophy Points:  Five want to become referrers and elect to become Professional Members for just $59.95 (Molly earns 10 Trophy Points for each)
    • 50 Trophy Points:  Two of the five also elect to become IACFB Sponsored Agents saving $100 during the “Drive” (Molly earns 25 points for each)

Molly’s total Trophy Points are 255 and she qualifies for a Level One Prize.  She selects a Dell Laptop Computer.

Example #2:  Tim…New IACFB Factoring 101 Broker Earns Dell Laptop Computer + $50 in Program Discount

Tim is a new IACFB Factoring 101 Freelance Broker, purchasing his program during the Summer Membership Drive.   Tim has earned a Sceptre 43″ LED TV plus enjoyed a $50 Program Discount.  Here’s how he did it.

  • 50 Trophy Points:  Tim joins IACFB as a Professional Member and  selects the Factoring 101 Freelance Program as an Add-On earning 50 Trophy Points and a $50 Program Discount
  • 82 Trophy Points:  Tim studied his guide and took the Broker Proficiency Exam scoring an 82% and earning 82 Trophy Points.
  • 50 Trophy Points:  During the “Drive”, Tim gets active on the broker forums and posts enough threads and comments to earn 50 Trophy Points
  • 140 Trophy Points:  During the 90 day contest period, Tim enlists four friends as Professional Members and four more as his “Agents”.  He earns 10 Trophy Points each per Professional Member and 25 points each those electing to become his “agent”. 

With a total of 322 Trophy Points, Tim is over the 300 threshold for a Level Two Prize and selects a Sceptre 43″ LED TV.

Example #3:  Jessica…Existing Factoring 101 Freelance Broker Earns $150.00 Cash Affiliate Commission and a 55″ Toshiba Smart Fire TV

Jessica is an existing Freelance Factoring 101 Broker and is building a sub-broker agency network to help generate her leads and expand her factoring broker business.  During the three month contest period, Jessica earns $50 in Affiliate Cash and a Toshiba 55″ Smart TV.   Here’s how she did it.

  • 300 Trophy Points:  Through networking on Facebook and LinkedIn, Jessica signed up 12 new agent / sub-brokers during the contest period.  She earns 300 Trophy Points (25 each) for their election to become her Sponsored Agent
  • 120 Trophy Points:  12 of those that Jessica tells about factoring elect to become referrers and simply join IACFB as Professional Members earning Jessica 120 Trophies
  • 50 Trophy Points:  One of Jessica’s contacts, Billy, decides he wants to be a freelance agent and purchases IACFB’s Freelance Factoring 101 Program.  Jessica earns $50 Affiliate Cash and 50 Trophy Points for the upgrade.
  • 30 Trophy Points:  Jessica, has not been active on the broker forums but steps up her activity and earns 30 Trophies.

At 500 Trophy Points, Jessica has met the requirement for a Level 5 Prize and she selects a 55″ Toshiba Smart Fire TV.  Additionally, her 1 Factoring 101 Referral has earned her $50 in Affiliate Cash.  Most importantly, Jessica now has added 12 new sub-agents to her network that can send many new factoring prospects and clients her way and it also earned her a $100 Affiliate Cash Bonus for adding more than 10 new brokers to her agency.

Example #4:  Joey…Cash Flow Consultant / Note Broker Earns a Celestron Computerized Telescope,  $100.00 Cash Bonus, plus Life of Account Monthly Commission Income

Joey is a Charter Financial Cash Flow Consultant that is additionally interested in earning residual factoring commission income.  As a Charter Cash Flow Institute Member, he opts for IACFB’s specially priced Sponsored Agents Program as an add-on to his existing DataMax provided Cash Flow Broker website.  Over the three month contest period, Joey earned a Celestron Computerized Telescope plus $100 in Bonus Cash plus unlimited monthly commission income.  Here’s how Joey did it

  • 25 Trophy Points:  Joey joins IACFB as a Sponsored Agent
  • 75 Trophy Points:  Joey studied the Factoring 101 brokers guide and took the exam passing with a 75% grade earning him 75 Trophy Points
  • 100 Trophy Points:  Joey locates a small janitorial service in need of factoring and submits it to IACFB and it is approved for financing.  Joey earns + 100 Trophy Points  + $100 immediate cash + residual monthly commissions
  • 130 Trophy Points: Joey shows his friends Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine and the factoring broker home business opportunity
    • 8 friend elect to join IACFB and become referrers (80 Trophy Points)
    • 2 of those 8 also add on a Sponsored Agent Program with website (50 Trophy Points
  • 32 Trophy Points:  Joey logs into the forum for several evenings and posts 10 new threads or comments to earn 22 Trophies.

With a total of 362 Trophy Points, Joey has reached the Level 3 Prize threshold and selects the Celestron Computerized Telescope as his prize.   Additionally, Joey receives an Instant Cash Bonus of $100 for his first accepted factoring client.