One of the key training and support components available to new IACFB members is the Factoring Broker Forums.  The forums, work hand-in-hand with our Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine to assist you in becoming both knowledgeable in factoring and operational as a broker in as short a time as possible.  The forums also act as the “staging area” for our exciting “Trophy Point System” which is used to qualify for prizes, discounts, and valuable opportunities for advanced training.  So as you can see, it is very important that you learn about the forums and how to become active on them so you can earn “Trophy Points”.

About the Factoring Broker Forums

The Factoring Broker Forums ( operate via a Xenforo Bulletin Board platform and are very easy to navigate and utilize.  On the forums you can…

  • Ask questions or post comments regarding factoring and the broker by starting new threads
  • Post comments to threads started by others
  • Network with other IACFB brokers and registered guests
  • Stay up to date on sales contests and promotions
  • Much more

You Are Already a Forums’ Member

By registering with IACFB for this contest, you are now a Forums Registered Guest Member and can join in the community conversation.  The Broker Forums are located at  Your login credentials are…

  • USERNAME:  This will be your first name followed by your last name with a space in between.  The first letter of each will be capitalized.  (Ex. Bill Smith)
  • PASSWORD:  This will be your 5 digit Zip Code

Updating Your Password and User Profile on the Factoring Broker Forums

Once you have logged into the forums, you should update your password from your USER PROFILE.  After successful login, simply click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the Navigation Bar to display your USER PROFILE.  From your PROFILE, you will be able to…

  • Modify your account details such as…
    • email address
    • avatar…upload a picture of yourself (recommended)
    • add a custom title
    • birth date
    • location
    • broker website URL
  • Password and Security:  Update your password and security preferences for login (highly recommended)
  • Privacy Settings:  Modify your privacy settings
  • Trophy Points:  View Trophy Point balances and “likes” regarding your posts

The Good Stuff…Earning Trophy Points & Affiliate Cash During the IACFB Summer Membership Drive

The Trophy System and IACFB’s Affiliates Program are methods of rewarding “active IACFB members.

5 Ways Trophy Points and / or Affiliate Cash Are Earned   

Trophy Points and/or Affiliate Cash are awarded for…

  • Join IACFB as a Professional Member, Agent, or Factoring 101 Freelance Broker
  • Starting new “Threads” & “Comments” on the Factoring Broker Forums
  • Refer a new Factoring 101 Broker / Member
  • Refer a new Sponsored Agent Broker / Member
  • Successfully submitting a deal through IACFB Wholesale
  • Passing the Proficiency / Certification Exam

BIG MONEY HINT:  Factoring 101 Brokers who are building an “Agency” and a sub-broker network can earn significant Trophy Points as well as Affiliate Cash each and every month during the Summer Membership Drive.  Additional information on “Agencys” and how to build them is here.

Use of Trophy Points

Trophy Points are used to secure…

  • Prizes and Awards during periodic periodic IACFB contest periods
  • Discounts for Access to the Factoring 101 Program and Campus IACFB’s Advanced Consultant Training Areas
  • Other Bonus Cash or Prize Awards

How to Earn Trophy Points and Affiliate Cash

Trophy Points awarded for posting on the forums are cumulative and cap out at 50 points but additional Trophies can be earned for simply joining IACFB and / or referring new members.  Affiliate Cash Awards are unlimited.  Trophy Points and Affiliate Cash Awards work hand-in-hand and are awarded as follows:

Earning Trophies for Posting Comments and New Threads on the Forums

  • 1st post on the forums …5 Trophy Points.
  • 3 posts on the forums…5 Additional Trophy Points
  • 7 posts on the forums…6 Additional Trophy Points.
  • 10 posts on the forums…6 Additional Trophy Points
  • 15 posts on the forums…7 Additional Trophy Points
  • 20 posts on the forums…7 Additional Trophy Points.
  • 25 posts on the forums…7 Additional Trophy Points
  • 30 or more posts on the forums…7 Additional Trophy Points

You can earn a total of 50 Trophy Points simply by becoming active on the forums (posting 30 threads and/or comments) during the contest period.  So….GET ACTIVE!!!  Grab these EASY Trophy Points

Pass the Proficiency Exam During the Contest

  • Pass the IACFB Proficiency Exam…1 point for each percentage point.  You can earn up to 100 Trophy Points  (A score of 82% = 82 Trophy Points)

Referring a Friend:  Payouts for New Members / Clients to IACFB During the Membership Drive (June 21st-Sept. 22nd)

  • Join IACFB or Refer a Friend:  Join IACFB as a Professional Member during “the Drive” and earn 10 Trophy Points
    • Refer a Friend: Refer a friend as a new Professional Member and Earn 10 Trophy Points for each referral
    • Refer a Friend:  Join or refer a friend as a New IACFB Sponsored Agent Member and earn…25 Trophy Points
    • Refer a Friend:  Join or refer a friend as a New Factoring 101 Freelance Program Member to IACFB and earn…50 Trophy Points + $50 Affiliate Ca$h
  • Build Your Agency:  If you are a Factoring 101 Freelance consultant building an agency, submit a New Agent Sub-Broker for …25 Trophy Points
  • New Client Referral:  Successfully refer a new client (factoring deal) to IACFB Wholesale…100 Trophy Points + $100 Affiliate Ca$h + Standard 10% Commission
  • BONUS CASH FOR 101 BROKERS:  Add 10 or more new sub-agents during the Summer Membership Drive and earn $100 in immediate Affiliate Cash Bonus.

How Can I Access / Track My Trophy Balance?

Your Trophy Point Balance and Number of Posts you have accumulated appears directly below your avatar and member information under your USER PROFILE.  You can also view your Trophy Point balance under your avatar each time you post a thread or comment.

You can find out more about IACFB’s Trophy Point System by clicking here.

Would you like to view some winning strategies to employ during the Summer Membership Drive Contest.  If so…just click here.