The IACFB’s Career Builder Challenge begins September 22nd, 2018 and this year’s Challenge is designed to be bigger and better than ever with more ways to Win..Win..Win!  Sponsored by IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) and Diversified Funding, the Career Builder Challenge provides opportunities to those involved in the freelance business development side of the commercial factoring industry to earn the exceptional residual, life-of-account commission income that has made the factoring industry famous along with additional contest awards and incentives.  With a duration of twelve (12) full months, the Career Builder Challenge is a contest in which even the newest factoring brokers can participate.  In fact, for those self-starters and mobile creatives that have been exploring a career in factoring’s freelance business development side, there could not be a better time to launch your home-based consultancy than right now during this year’s Career Builder Challenge.

For Seasoned Industry Veterans

For experienced industry veterans, the Challenge provides exciting added incentives and the opportunity to work with one of the factoring industry’s most broker-oriented sources of funding.  Georgia based Diversified Funding was founded by Mark Little, who himself began his career as a highly successful independent industry broker and knows exactly what it take to succeed as a freelance consultant in this exciting industry of opportunity.

For Our Newest Agents and Freelance Brokers

Everyone loves a sales contest and IACFB Members and Consultants are no different.  Unfortunately many such contests are only geared towards a company’s “highest producers”.  But that is not the case with IACFB’s Career Builder Challenge.  Because the “Challenge” is run as a “perpetual” contest for factoring brokers and consultants, your contest results and performance this year will not only earn you prizes and awards for the contest period, but will also “seed” your startup awards for next year and all years that follow.

What Makes the Challenge so Exciting?

What Makes the Challenge so Exciting?  Well…you may already have won.  Because contest awards are based upon Trophy Points combined with new accounts, you may already have won a Level One Prize if…

  • You have one existing account on the books at IACFB Wholesale
  • You have accumulated 200 or more CORE Trophy Points as an IACFB Member

What a great way to begin every year as an IACFB Member and as an immediate winner in the Career Builder Challenge.